A woman who "is a good blend of head and heart” in her position as Director General.

Ms. Geneviève Grégoire, the new director general of Maison Jésus-Marie, was introduced to the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary(SNJM) just after Labor Day.

By way of introducing this seasoned manager, Sr. Denise Riel, Province leader, highlighted the many links the Grégoire family has had with the SNJM’s throughout the years.  Geneviève Grégoire’s mother had studied at Saint Lambert Convent before embarking on a long teaching career at Saint-Nom-de -Marie Boarding School in Outremont.

Nicole, known by many of the Sisters, is the sister of the new Director General. She taught at the Saint Lambert campus of College Durocher and later became the Director of Pedagogy, a position she held until she retired. The children of the Grégoire’s also pursued their high school studies at the same school 

With these connections, it goes without saying, that Geneviève Grégoire already “carries us in her heart”.


Career Manager with a big heart

With a solid background in the general management of community organizations and care facilities, Geneviève Grégoire is a seasoned manager with diverse knowledge in administration, management, planning and evaluation.

Throughout her career, she developed knowledge and competency in the area of gerontology, especially with vulnerable clientele.  Sr. Denis Riel having read her application letter and having interviewed her, as a member of the selection committee noted, “This women is a blend of head and heart”. 

Sr. Denise believes that Geneviève Grégoire who is interested in SNJM values and mission, will use her professional and interpersonal skills to continue the work she has begun.  Denise added that the new Director General will know how to create and ensure “respect, autonomy and dignity of each person, without losing sight of the common good.”

At the end of her presentation, Sr. Denise addressed Ms. Grégoire saying, “We wish you a very warm welcome and much happiness with us!” Everyone then gathered for the Eucharistic Celebration. 

Photos taken by Sr. Gisèle Lalande

Latin rhythms featured during an exciting concert by the ensemble Harpissimo-Québec

The concert on August 19th at Maison Jésus-Marie given by the ensemble Harpissimo-Québec led its audience on a cultural trip to South America. Under the evocative name “Arpa Latina”, the group of professional harpists presented a program filled with exciting rhythms that charmed everyone. 

Between each piece, Robin Grenon, the artictic director provided information about the various cultural aspects of these countries whose musical richness is well-known.

From Cuando (Chile) to La Collegiala (Colombia) to Habanera Gris (Cuba) and Vasija de Baro (Ecuador), the various musical pieces portrayed the colors of these countries as well as those of  Peru, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico.


Discover the versatility of the traditional harp

Harpissimo-Québec's mission is, among other things, to promote traditional harps and to contribute to the musical development of the harpists. "We want to demonstrate how versatile the harp is," said Robin Grenon, adding, "We play the songs as if the harp were a voice."

With his partner Gisèle Guibord, who is also involved in the artistic direction of the group, Robin Grenon painstakingly works on all the arrangements and melodies of the chosen pieces. "The pieces must be strong and rich enough so that the scores are not repeated. Reinterpretations require meticulous writing and arranging when adapting the melodies to the harp."

In closing, let us recall that the Harpissimo-Québec ensemble presents concerts only several times during the year. Their visit to Maison Jésus-Marie was greatly appreciated by the audience and members of the Recreation Committee.

Photos taken by: Sr. Gisèle Lalande

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