During this Lent, Development and Peace has chosen "Share the Journey" as the theme for its campaign. 

There are 68.5 million people in this world who have been displaced from their homes, many of these from their own countries.  

Contrast this with the population of Canada that in 2018 included 37 million persons. Development and Peace joins Pope Francis and the United Nations in asking us to welcome those who have been displaced. The Pope urges us to cultivate a "culture of encounter" and tells us that when we welcome the stranger we are welcoming Jesus.

During Lent we shared stories of first encounters with persons from another culture and of how we felt gifted and enriched by these encounters.  One lady from Ghana said that the first words spoken to her were "Welcome, my country is now your country." That woman now works with refugees and welcomes them to her country and continues to share her experience.

All of us are invited to "Share the Journey" to be in solidarity with our displaced sisters and brothers through prayer, taking part in fund-raising activities such as walks, donating, and, should we come face to face with a displaced person who has entered Canada, say "Welcome".

View a video here.

Source: Ms. Dorothy Guha

“Sowing Hope for the Planet” (Title used by the International Union of Major Superiors - UISG)

 The increase in the number of natural disasters and the reports of many scientists calling for significant change make us aware of the urgent need to act in order to save the planet.

Closer to home, many Quebec personalities, including several artists, have taken an ecological "pact for transition" initiative and have invited citizens to get involved.

This Pact for Transition project has two objectives:

  • to encourage us to reduce our environmental footprint by means of small daily actions.
  • to lobby the government to take concrete action against climate change.

 It is one minute before midnight for the planet

At the beginning of the year, Radio-Canada contributed to the debate and reflection by offering a program reminding us of the need to act quickly because it is "one minute before midnight for the planet".(Video in French)

Right from the outset, a pointed question was asked of everyone: "What behavior(s) are you willing to change for the planet?” This is a serious question that speaks to our responsibility as citizens of the earth.

A concrete commitment for SNJM’s

The members of the Leadership Team of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary of Quebec did not wait for these calls before taking action. They invited individual sisters, community groups and SNJM associates to choose a concrete everyday commitment in line with the 5 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle, reinvent, and repair.

This call for commitment has been part of the SNJM journey for a long time. It should be remembered that in 2008 SNJM’s adopted a corporate stand in favor of access to quality water and sanitation facilities for all. Among the other favored means, they support environmental organizations like Eau Secours and participate in environmental awareness and action events.
As a follow-up to the invitation from the Provincial Leadership Team, several groups have taken action. The "Sowing Hope for the Planet" project presents initiatives by two schools associated with the SNJM community. Discover the initiatives of the Uni-Vert Committee of Pensionnat Saint-Nom-de-Marie (PSNM) and the actions of the 100% Green Committee of Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert.
*Title used by the International Union of Major Superiors, UISG

Concrete Initiatives at PSNM to Improve the Plight of the Planet

Several projects have been put forward in recent years by the Uni-Vert Committee at Pensionnat Saint-Nom-de-Marie (PSNM).                                                                                                                                                                                  

The most recent is the "Pact for Transition", initiated by Dominic Champagne in November of 2018. Mathilde Galipeau-Bitsch and Olivia Ruge, members of the Uni-Vert Committee, were among the many student and staff signatories of the pact. These two students spoke live, in French on RDI Matin, about their commitments and those of the school in regard to environmental issues.

The Uni-Vert Committee, composed of a teacher and approximately ten students, has the mission of raising awareness and mobilizing students for a greener environment. It organizes activities throughout the year in order to encourage students to commit themselves personally to the future of the planet.

Tree planting and participation in the city’s “Mont-Royal clean-up bee” are part of the annual activities of the committee which, with the support of the staff, has also been responsible for several other ecological initiatives at the school. Composting and waste reduction, as well as a ban on disposable plastic water bottles and straws in the school cafeteria, are good examples of the actions taken.

Lastly, it should be noted that a biological roof garden project has been operating since 2014 and has been enriched with the addition of beehives. This PSNM project promotes the production of local foods, education in gardening, urban greening and the reduction of urban heat islands.  It is a fascinating subject which will be developed more fully in the context of networking with a community food organization.

A study on the presence of heavy metals    

The members of the Uni-Vert Committee at PSNM are not the only ones to be concerned about the environment.

Another project, a study on the presence of heavy metals along highways, was initiated by another group of PSNM students, who visited the Canadian Light Source facility in Saskatoon. Their research enabled them to discover the presence of a high concentration of heavy metals in their samples taken near highways around Montreal. To learn more about this specific project, follow the two following links that refer to an article in La Presse + (Text in French)  and an interview on Radio-Canada. (Interview in French)

Source: Manon Lanoue, PSNM Assistant Director

Two Green Projects at Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert

This year the 100% Green Committee launched two new projects at Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert College.

The first project was an invitation to sign the ecological "Transition Pact", initiated by Dominic Champagne, a stage director. Committee members sensitized students and staff who responded in great numbers.

Secondary 3, 4 and 5 students were permitted to sign the online petition. Those in Secondary 1 and 2 showed their commitment by signing their names on banners prepared by the committee. The campaign also served as a reminder of the importance of small daily actions in order to preserve our planet.

Team members of the 100% Green Committee also visited the individual classes to continue raising awareness among students.

Collaboration with Food Services

The second project developed by the committee was made possible because of the spirit of openness and collaboration of the food services. The committee proposed a reduction in the school’s ecological footprint and the company, Laberge Food Service, participated by agreeing to withdraw the following items from the cafeteria as of February 4, 2019:

• straws

• plastic utensils

• cardboard coffee cups.

The 100% Green Committee has been in existence for more than 20 years at Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert. Throughout all these years, the members of the committee have raised the consciousness of students and staff to the importance of taking concrete action to safeguard the planet. They offered regular awareness campaigns and initiated several on-going actions, such as recycling and composting.

Sources: Maryse Blanchette and Johanne Tremblay – Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert

“Une Bible des femmes” (A Women’s Bible), an Interpretation of the Bible from a Feminist Perspective

Officially launched in Europe in September 2018, this new publication by Éditions Labor et Fides has attracted a great deal of interest. The title, "Une Bible des femmes", reflects the purpose of the book. The Bible, as we know it, was written by men, with their particular perspective.

Supported by discoveries in biblical research, various Protestant, Lutheran, Methodist and Catholic theologians from Europe, Africa and Quebec (five), sought to interpret the  Bible from a twenty-first century feminist perspective.

They looked more closely at the presence and contribution of women in the Bible and revisited certain passages in the context of realities experienced today. Sr. Pierrette Daviau, FDLS, one of the authors and a co-editor who describes herself as a feminist, affirmed: "It is important to make women's points of view known. . .  [but] being feminist is not equivalent to being against men.”

Sr. Daviau notes particularly the diversity of feminine approaches and perceptions in this collective work. The twenty theologians are from different generations (27 to 77 years old). According to her, they shared an extraordinary collective work experience.

These twenty theologians highlight a dozen themes related to well-known, unfamiliar, or even nameless women. They reveal these women’s qualities of wisdom, courage, rootedness in the lives of their people, etc.

It is true that interpretation often bears the mark of personal and subjective convictions. New elements, however, can arouse curiosity, reflection, and critical thinking. They can thus help to broaden our vision. Many people will undoubtedly find Une Bible des femmes a source of enlightenment and encouragement. 

The book won the Religious Book Prize of France in December 2018. It has been widely read in Europe and Africa and is in its second reprint. So far, according to Sr. Daviau, all the comments received have been positive, except for one from an American evangelist who had not even read the book!

The Quebec Provincial LeadershipTeam's initiative in offering this book to francophone Sisters and Associates for Christmas was greatly appreciated. What a wonderful source for meaningful reflection and possible sharing. . .

Enjoy your reading!

Simone Perras, snjm

Une Bible des femmes. Twenty theologians interpret controversial texts. Elisabeth Parmentier, Pierrette Daviau, Laurianne Savoy (editors). Labor and Fides, 2018. 281 pages.

“Chemins de vie Pays” Tribute to the SNJM Community

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) received yet another mark of gratitude on the occasion of their 175th anniversary – this time from Chemins de vie.

Taking advantage of their visit to the Marie-Rose Center, a delegation from Chemins de vie officially presented a memorial plaque to Sr. Denise Riel, Provincial Animator.

Ms. Monique Rhéaume, President of the Chemins de vie Board of Directors said, “We consider it important to highlight the generous and on-going participation of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in our mission from the very beginning up to the present."

"This collaboration has been felt not only through your financial support, but also through the dynamic contribution of several Sisters whose continuous, reliable, and energetic ministry has been essential to the development of a solid foundation throughout the years."

The similarities between the SNJM mission of education and the mission of Chemins de vie are very evident. The organization, located in Longueuil, provides support to people who wish to begin or continue, in a new way, their journey of spiritual growth.

Although the organization’s approach is founded on Christian spirituality, Chemins de vie does not try to proselytize. People of any belief or affiliation are warmly welcomed. In short, Chemins de vie is a place of welcome and spiritual accompaniment for anyone in search of life, meaning and solidarity.

Chemins de vie was established in 2003, with Sr. Denise Riel as a co-founder. She worked there as Director for ten years and continues her affiliation with the organization. At present, Chemins de vie benefits from the contributions of Sisters Françoise Lanthier, Constance Létourneau and Marie-Paule Demarbre.

"Thank you so much for the gift of your ministry at Chemins de vie. We are very grateful to you," said Rhéaume during the presentation.

An Integration that Nourishes Hope and Dreams

News of a Syrian refugee family

The Alrayes family, who arrived in Montreal in July of 2017, are the third refugee family to have been sponsored by a group composed of interdenominational lay and religious collaborators including several Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) and SNJM Associates.

Filled with memories of the atrocities experienced in Syria and worries about family members still there, the family has had to adapt to a new country, with a different language and alphabet; a challenging climate, especially in winter; and so many different ways of doing things (food shopping, banking practices, municipal regulations, etc.) It has certainly been a challenge and it continues to be so.

The family has often expressed gratitude for the untiring support of members of the Refugee Sponsorship Committee of St. Monica’s Parish. From the very beginning they have been blessed by the presence of exceptional volunteers. Tutors have provided instruction five times a week both for the children enrolled in “classes d’accueil” (welcome classes) and for the parents who have attended government-funded French classes.

A positive experience of integration

In September 2018, the father, Ziad, accepted a maintenance job at a seniors’ residence. Although he had to abandon his full-time French classes before fully mastering the French language, and although he speaks little English, the seniors are fond of him and he has a wonderful, considerate boss who is helping him to adapt.

The mother, Eman, is continuing her government-sponsored French courses but is hoping soon to enter a special program for refugees, preparing them for work as cooks or pastry chefs. She is certain to do well since she is already an excellent cook and a very creative one as well.

All four children are integrating into Quebec society and are looking forward to moving to regular classes soon. The older daughter Abeer (age 17) hopes to complete high school in June of 2020. She will then attend CEGEP. The older son Ziad-Mohamed (age 15) attends École Secondaire St-Henri and also works part-time at a fast-food restaurant. The younger children, Mariam (age 11) and Yousef (age 7) attend École Les Enfants du Monde.

A festive meal

Recently the family invited the sponsorship committee and tutors to a home-made supper at their home where all enjoyed great food prepared by Eman.

What an unforgettable evening of Muslim hospitality this was - an evening filled with stories and laughter. And what a great opportunity to marvel again at this family’s amazing generosity, courage, faith and openness.

This family never ceases to impress the sponsorship committee. Each member is reminded over and over again that the sponsorship relationship is a mutually-enriching experience, a beautiful life-giving gift.

Source: Sr. Beverley Wattling

Another Way of Supporting Projects Corresponding to the SNJM Mission

Collaboration with Béati

Conscious that their mission and values ​​are shared by many community organizations, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) support groups and projects with which they share affinities. Since August 2012, SNJM’s have been working in partnership with the Béati Foundation.

This Foundation, active in Quebec for more than 25 years, has a solid expertise in financial support and the accompaniment of significant initiatives that "contribute to building a world marked by justice and solidarity". Béati’s knowledge and methods of accompaniment allow SNJM’s to explore new avenues of education in the area of solidarity with communities.

Supporting an education and awareness project

This year, the Béati Foundation has chosen to support, on behalf of the SNJM community, a project presented by Les Arches du Quebec (Quebec L’Arche Communities). This project matches the Congregation’s priorities in education.

The financial support of Les Arches du Québec project makes possible the hiring of a person who will act as a project support assistant. This person will have the mandate to support "all the L'Arche communities of Quebec in their work of raising awareness of the contribution of people with intellectual disabilities."

The project includes, among other things, an awareness campaign in elementary schools, and an awareness of the L'Arche experience with college and university students as well as with the general public.

The support of such a project is a perfect illustration of the diversity of causes that correspond to the SNJM values ​​and mission. It also fosters a better understanding of the scope of Béati’s collaboration in analyzing and identifying projects in line with the SNJM mission and is a great way for the SNJM community to support groups throughout Quebec.

Photos - Source Béati and Arches of Quebec

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