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Rediscover the universe of Tremblay with “Enfant insignificant” (Insignificant Child) at Théâtre Jean-Duceppe

Inspired by his most recent novel, Michel Tremblay’s new play at Théâtre Jean-Duceppe takes viewers back into the world of the 1950s with people who were guiding lights during his childhood. Curious and tenacious, the young Michel never ceases to ask questions about literature, cinema and religion...  Discover the SNJM’s helping hand in the production of this play presented at Place des Arts.

An awareness calendar with prayer intercessions against human trafficking

The SNJM Justice and Peace Network has prepared an awareness and prayer tool as part of a campaign that runs from January to February 8th. Inspired by an initiative of the American Bishops, the SNJM Justice and Peace Network’s Anti-Trafficking Committee has prepared a schedule of prayer intentions. The latter can serve to raise awareness and can be adapted according to the needs and circumstances, during a time of prayer, during a meeting or at any other time.  To know more and to access the awareness calendar and prayer intentions.

“Music unites…”

Between Christmas and New Year's Day, the young singer Julien Brodeur-Laughton (Julien Brody) returned to Maison Jésus-Marie, to present his concert of sacred songs.  At the age of 8, this youngster with a unique voice began his career with renowned professors. Always anxious to perfect his art, he studied last summer at the Berlin Opera Academy and the Philadelphia Academy of Music. 

Eager to share the love of these masterpieces with as many people as possible in order to have an impact on peace and to bring life to his "music unites" approach, Julien gives several concerts a year. We are reminded that Julien is the son of a former SNJM student. See Sister Gisèle Lalande’s photos.

Experiencing what refugees are undergoing…

Four representatives from the SNJM Mission Sector recently participated in an enriching and touching event on the lived experiences of refugees. With the goal of sensitizing people and raising their awareness, this well-orchestrated day promoted a better understanding of the dilemmas and risks confronting millions of refugees per year. To live the experience as if you were there…

Season's Greetings from the SNJM Provincial Leadership Team

In the name of the Quebec Provincial Leadership Team, Sister Denise Riel expresses their best wishes for this 2017 Holiday Christmas Season. See the video clip of her message here.  (in French only)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!


An ever-appreciated gathering with the youth from “Maison des enfants Marie-Rose”

It is a pleasure, during the holiday season, to become immersed in tradition especially when it involves the vitality of young people, who are always happy to display their skilfulness and their talents. On December 16, a group of young people from Maison des enfants Marie-Rose, in Beauharnois, came to perform their annual concert for the Sisters at Maison Jésus-Marie.

You had to see the sparkling eyes of the children who were so happy and excited to find themselves outside of their usual surroundings to stage their performance. It was also quite stimulating for the audience, who were treated to dance and song demonstrations illustrating the diversity of the emerging talents of these 6 to 12 year olds.  We are reminded that this house of arts and culture promotes the skill development and potential of young people, who are introduced to an array of artistic activities, while not being pressured to perform. This is an approach largely inspired by the principles put forth by Mother Marie-Rose promoting the full development of the human person.       A photographic glance at these young people’s remarkable visit.  Photos  -  Sister Gisèle Lalande)

Celebration of Gratitude at Maison Jésus-Marie

Just before Christmas, Sisters Gaby, Jacqueline, Jocelyne, Michelle et Beverley organized a special festive get-together for all the volunteers who had given "of their very best" this year at Maison Jesus Marie.  A meal, games and prizes, lots of laughter and joy were integral to this celebration.  Sister Beverley, in the name of the Province Leadership Team, expressed the following sentiments: “During the year 2018, we wish you all the gifts that God knows you need, including faith in Jesus who gives meaning to our lives, joy in the presence of his people, hope in the future and peace in the contemplation of the love God gives to us.”   See the photos taken by Sister Gisèle Lalande.


The tradition continues … with Christmas Carolling!

The English-speaking Sisters and associates, accompanied by friends as well as some young people, came to Maison Jésus-Marie for their annual Christmas carolling concert.  This wonderful event has been a long-standing tradition.  This year, Sister Lisette Boulé once again added her voice to the carolling. With great humour and quite unpretentious, the choir enhanced this enjoyable show by encouraging the audience to join in singing Christmas songs with gusto and even to take a few dance steps! Wonderful moments were captured, as seen in this photo-report by Sister Gisèle Lalande and Brenda Brisebois. The Sisters were delighted to receive treats (candy canes and chocolates) and a beautiful poinsettia for the chapel. To give you a good idea, you can also view two video clips in the “Videos” section, in the right-hand column.

Witnessing on religious life and an experience of cultural adaptation

Highlighting various events creating numerous calls to openness, the first edition of the Publication of the Quebec Leadership Team features a testimonial article. Sister Huguette Fleurant talks about her participation in a meeting with the Sisters of the US-Ontario Province on the future of religious life... (Part One)   She ends her testimony with her own experiences of openness and transformation… (Part Two)

Venturing into Eastern Religions and Judaism during days of recollection

The two days of recollection organized by the Quebec SNJM Spiritual Animation Committee offered inspiring moments for reflection and contemplation. They also enabled us to venture into the spirituality of Judaism and Eastern Religions. A look back at this special time…



A remarkable sacred music concert with the "VOX" Choir

On November 26th, the chapel at Maison Jésus-Marie was the scene of an extraordinary musical and cultural experience. The mixed choral ensemble VOX was behind this great success with its presentation of an ‘A Capella’ concert of sacred music… 

Discovering the advantages of probiotics

The Sisters at Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher enjoyed a new activity of tasting and gaining information. This time, they were embarking on the discovery of probiotic yogurts. Although the name "probiotic" is not very inspiring, it was with interest that they followed the chef’s explanations. Read about the characteristics of probiotics, thanks to a short report by Sister Yolande Dufresne.

Dare to believe…Advent Celebration 2017

A celebration to mark the beginning of the Advent Season took place in the chapel of the Congregational House. Several Sisters and staff members took part in this special event in which there were wonderful moments of sharing. To live or relive this celebration, you will find the texts and the prayers in the Prayer and Reflection Section of the website.

Supporting women is supporting peace

Being Peacemakers

The Fall 2017 "Development and Peace" campaign reflects the positive peace women bring about and also highlights "women at the heart of peace." To deepen this evocative theme, two formation sessions were recently held, and were enhanced by a ritual and prayer. Discover some astonishing statistics.



A magnificent four-handed piano recital by the HATO duet

Haruyo Yoshino-Platt, a former student of Sister Natalie Pepin and her sister Tomoko Inui, gave a magnificent piano recital with four hands this past November 12th at Maison Jésus-Marie.  The musical selection in the program and the quality of the presentation by these two accomplished pianists were magnificent.  To know more…

The beginning of a new year with an evocative theme

The first meeting of the new year of activities, a gathering organized by the members of the Provincial Leadership Team, provided some very inspiring moments. The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) and the SNJM associates who were present learned about the theme and the priorities for the year…

Some delightful moments, on Halloween, with La Mosaïque Choir

The La Mosaïque Choir offered a noteworthy performance as they strolled along the first two floors of Saint-Charles Pavilion, on October 31st. To celebrate Halloween, the members of this choir, associated with the Centre d’action bénévole et communautaire La Mosaïque (the La Mosaïque Volunteer and Community Center), played along by appearing in costumes. Joy and excitement were in the air... 

SNJMs’ presence emphasized and appreciated at the 175th anniversary of Saint-Bruno Parish

Sisters Aline Hébert, Luce Boyer and Françoise Lafortune attended the celebrations for the 175th anniversary of Saint-Bruno Parish in September. It was an opportunity for them to meet former students, share memories from another era and receive testimonials of appreciation for the Sisters’ work in this municipality where they had served since 1918. A flashback to some of the special moments…

A composer pays tribute to Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher

The first symphony by Russian-born composer, Airat Ichmouratov, was created to pay tribute to two key figures in the history of Longueuil, one of whom is Mother Marie-Rose Durocher. This world premiere was presented by the Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil during the concert to open its 32nd season. To learn more…

A new tribute to Mother Marie-Rose Durocher

The Parish of Saint-Arsène paid tribute to Mother Marie-Rose Durocher by naming her "Secondary Patron" of the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighborhood parish in Montreal. Several Sisters from the first teaching Congregation founded in Longueuil, by a Canadian woman, participated in this special celebration. Learn more…

15 years of partnership between “Chemins de vie” and the SNJMs ...

Having been partners since the establishment of the organization “Chemins de vie” some 15 years ago, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) were well represented at the cocktail party launching a year of festivities for its 15th anniversary. Wonderful testimonials and confirmation that the SNJM mission is continuing in new ways…

Corporate Stand on Migrants and Refugees

An SNJM initiative rallies the community and reveals wonderful gestures of solidarity

Bringing together community volunteers, the SNJMs helped to shed light on the situation experienced by asylum seekers, migrants and refugees on the South Shore of Montreal. In fact, as part of their press conference organized to make known their corporate stand, the SNJMs formed a panel with representatives from Carrefour le Moutier, the Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud, the Private Sponsorship Committee, Chemins d’accueil de Longueuil and the youngest member from a family of Syrian refugees. The meeting filled the chapel of the Congregational House and generated significant interest. To learn more…

First visit of the “Ensemble vocal Polymnie de Longueuil” to Maison Jésus-Marie

The “Ensemble vocal Polymnie de Longueuil” presented a magnificent performance in the chapel of Maison Jésus-Marie, on October 1st, during the Journées de la Culture. Judging by the enthusiastic comments made by the choir director and the members of this group, this is a place they would like to come back to. Some feedback on this activity and the history of this group that has links to the SNJMs.