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Supporting students who are experiencing learning difficulties

Partnership with organizations and groups that share the same values and concerns contributes to continuing the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary of Quebec in a different way. The recent publication of the "Journal de l'ELP" has unveiled the accomplishment of several noteworthy projects by the four private educational institutions with which the SNJM’s still maintain links.

Because of their impact on their milieus, each project deserves to be highlighted on our web platform. At the same time, it reminds us of the invitation to “open our doors onto Life, life within us, among us, around us..." This is the first article on a successful initiative by Collège Durocher. Several others will follow shortly.

A glance back at the Quebec SNJM’s year 2016

The opportunity is conducive at this, the beginning of 2017, to take a brief glance back at some outstanding events and moments that have marked this last year. It is by taking stock of the number and variety of activities and events that took place, that we become aware of the life which has motivated the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary of Quebec, in 2016.

A glance back at the year 2016 through 16 key moments - Part 1.

See Part 2

Bringing peace… through Christmas carols

The Arc-en-Ciel (Rainbow) Choir brilliantly brought the presentations of Christmas concerts to a close at Maison Jésus-Marie. This choir presented a high-quality show bringing a special little touch by singing Christmas carols from various countries. It was a beautiful initiative that corresponded perfectly to the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary’s (SNJM) awareness of issues related to world peace, and openness to refugees, immigrants and indigenous peoples.

This mini-tour of the world through Christmas carols benefited from the astute comments of the choir leader, Jean-François Julien, who introduced the various songs with diligence. Accompanied on the piano by Gabrielle Tessier, the members of this choir have brought joy to their audience, while successfully responding to their mission to brighten the lives of seniors. We are reminded that this Longueuil-based choir was created in 1979, and includes a mixed-voice choir made up of some 80 members.                                                           

 See the photo album – Photo credits Sister Gisèle Lalande

Love life at any age … experience wonderful moments

Invited as part of the series "Portrait de femme" (Portrait of Women), the artist-painter and author Rose Lévesque, left quite an impression by her dynamism, still quite evident at the age of 82. This stimulating encounter was also an opportunity to discover the journey of a woman, in love with the arts and with life ... who has already left her mark on history.    For further information…

A much-appreciated visit from “The Happy Retirees” Choir

The visit to Maison Jésus-Marie by the “The Happy Retirees” Choir brought a burst of energy and sowed joy in the hearts of those who were in attendance. 

Created in 1990, this choir is from the Association of The Happy Retirees of Longueuil. Being an experienced choir, they made a good impression according to the audience. We are reminded that this activity was organized by the Recreational Committee of Maison Jésus-Marie. It has been a tradition during the holiday season to welcome several choirs who bring the spirit of the season to the Sisters.

Lacking an acoustic overview of this performance, you can see the photo album. Photo credits  – Sister Gisèle Lalande

“Stand up! Keep watch.” or how to stay focused on mission...

How can we live the true meaning of Christmas? How can we remain awake to God’s presence with all the events and demands coming from all sides? During two days of renewal held recently, the members of the large SNJM family shared their reflection on several aspects of the chosen theme “Stand up! Keep watch.” These were special moments that helped the participants to better live Advent 2016 and to continue to take on the role of people who are standing and always ready, following in the footsteps of Mother Marie-Rose. To know more...


An Enchanting Moment Singing Christmas Carols

At this time of year, the Anglophone Sisters and Associates, along with some friends and family members, continued their annual tradition of Christmas carolling at Maison Jésus-Marie. On December 3rd, dressed in Christmas colors, with some playing musical instruments, the carollers, under the direction of Sr. Lorna Cooney, accompanied on guitar by Richard Brisebois and ukulele by Beverly Redmond, led the Sisters in the singing of many well-known Carols in both French and in English. Candy canes and chocolates were handed out and a wonderful time was had by all.  

This year, for the first time, a video was taken of this event.  To see the 4-part video, click on the section “Videos” in the column to the right. The first video is located in the archives.   There are also photos of this event as well.

Portrait of Rina Lasnier, a Successful Woman

Do you know Rina Lasnier? She is a poet of the same caliber as Saint-Denys Garneau and Anne Hébert. She was the subject of a presentation, hosted by her niece Marie Lasnier, in the series "Portrait de femme" (Portrait of Women), held recently at Maison Jésus-Marie.  To learn more…


A brief look at the journeys of some SNJM Missionary Sisters

The celebration of World Mission Day served as a good reason to highlight, in all simplicity, the journey of some of our SNJM Missionary Sisters who were at Maison Jésus-Marie. It was an impressive way to remember and to illustrate the intentions of Pope Francis who promotes and encourages a “Missionary Church, Witness of Mercy.”        To learn more…

An experience of hope

Meeting the members of a current as well as a future Congregational Leadership Team, at the same place and at the same time, is a rare occurrence. Living together a moment of friendship in a spirit of openness and a sincere desire to get to know each other better is a touching experience. Judging from comments of those present, it was a sacred moment. Go to the Photo Albums section for more on this event. . .


Setting out to discover Indigenous Peoples: a rewarding experience

What are "grandmothers’" values? Where do the values that form the foundation of the Quebec identity come from? What was the basis of  "live and let live", of egalitarian sentiments, of the search for a consensus? These are some of the topics discussed during the day of formation for members of the Association of Women Religious for Women’s Rights (ARDF), which took place recently. It was a day of revelation, in more ways than one, as you will notice as you read the article…

*The session was presented in French.


A current example of sharing SNJM values

An SNJM Associate, in East Angus, QC shares on what motivates him and what has led him to fully live out his passion for teaching during 54 years.  The photo on the left is part of the article taken from the local French newspaper “La Tribune”. Read on to discover this sharing of values with the SNJM’s…

An informative visit to the Abenakis with the ARDF

The members of the Association of Women Religious for Women’s Rights (ARDF) recently organized a visit to the Abenakis. This first activity of the yearly program which focused on deepening solidarity with indigenous people was very interesting. In addition to providing a few details about this activity, this article gives a brief summary of the history of ARDF. It should be noted that the SNJM’s have been members of this association since its founding.

For more information and to see the photo album

Inspirational figures for today’s catechists!

What do Eulalie Durocher, Jean de Brébeuf, Marguerite Bourgeoys, Marie de l’Incarnation, Élisabeth Turgeon and Adolphe Chatillon, have in common? They are all witnesses to the faith and regarded as inspirations for today’s catechists. Read about a great project which was implemented this autumn.

An intimate concert to delight the senses

The visit of Lyse Archambault, violinist, and Pierre-Paul Gamet, cellist, to the various floors at Saint-Charles Pavilion at Maison Jésus-Marie provided pleasure and enchantment. In case you have not heard them, here is a brief summary, with supporting photos.