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Examples of concrete actions to save the planet

The invitation issued by the Provincial Leadership Team to personally and corporately undertake one or more concrete actions from the 5 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle, reinvent, repair) mobilized many groups. At the same time, this newsletter offers a great opportunity to highlight initiatives in two schools associated with the SNJM community, Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert and Pensionnat Saint-Nom-de-Marie. Beautiful discoveries await you. To learn more…

Concrete Initiatives at PSNM to Improve the Plight of the Planet

The students at Pensionnat Saint-Nom-de-Marie (PSNM) have long been aware of environmental issues. Two members of the Uni-Vert Committee spoke about their commitments and those of their school on an RDI Matin news broadcast. Other interesting initiatives include an ecological roof garden and a school project about heavy metals near highways. This particular project included a visit to the Canadian Light Source facility in Saskatoon. For more information and to watch the video clip of the youth interview . . .

Two Green Projects at Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert

As part of the "Sowing Hope for the Planet" project, discover two ecological initiatives put forward by Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert’s 100% Green Committee. In addition to educating students and staff at the school, the committee launched a proposal to reduce the school’s ecological footprint. This approach required the collaboration of the food service. Find out what's going on ...

“Une Bible des femmes” (A Women’s Bible), an interpretation of the Bible from a feminist perspective

The members of the Provincial Leadership Team offered the newly released book, Une Bible des femmes, as a Christmas present to francophone Sisters and Associates. Written by twenty French Protestant and Catholic theologians, including five Quebec women, the book develops a dozen major themes related to women. It highlights the possibility of reading biblical texts from different perspectives. Sister Simone Perras read the book and gives us a brief commentary.

SNJM’s receive memorial plaque from Chemins de vie

On the occasion of their visit to the Marie-Rose Center and the exhibition dedicated to the Congregation’s 175 years of ministry, a delegation from the organization Chemins de vie presented a memorial plaque to Sr. Denise Riel, provincial animator. The event highlighted the contribution of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), involved since the foundation of this organization, 15 years ago. The President of the Chemins de vie Board of Directors, Monique Rhéaume, noted the creation of a "Wall of Recognition” at the organization’s offices in order to pay tribute to founders, communities and other organizations. Learn more about the common values between the SNJM’s and Chemins de vie . . .

News on the integration of the third Syrian refugee family

Following the adoption of a corporate stand on the issue of migrant and refugee people as a response to the Acts of the last General Chapters, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) of Quebec moved from word to action. By joining several sponsorship committees, they have been able to help sponsor three Syrian families, victims of violence in a country in the throes of a deadly conflict. Read a brief overview of the integration of the third Syrian refugee family, based in Montreal. . .

Successful Collaboration to Expand Support for Projects corresponding to the SNJM Mission

For several years, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) of Quebec have forged partnerships with the Béati Foundation. This collaboration facilitates the sharing of resources and skills and contributes more effectively to the support of projects sharing in the mission and values ​​of the Congregation. One project selected this year is Les Arches du Québec which has an explicit connection with the SNJM education priority and which will reach young people, students and the general public.

A Meaningful Celebration to Conclude the 175th Anniversary and to Celebrate Hope

On the occasion of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) celebrated a significant anniversary. It was heightened by a testimony that recalled some of the wonderful, significant moments in the life of the Congregation and which encouraged further reflection by all present...

Two Beautiful Concerts of Classical Music

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary were treated to two unique concerts, one presented by The Vocal Ensemble Via Voce de Chambly and the other by the Tomo Inui Chamber Music Trio.  Beautiful moments ...

Account For The Hope That Is In Us

The theme of the second Spiritual Message is “A future full of hope” and attention is given to the foundations of hope.  We are invited to reflect on its various aspects by asking the following questions: What is our hope today? What does it mean to be a witness to hope.  Where do you see places of hope in our lives and in the world?  Read on…

To know God through the Jewish religion

On the occasion of the first meeting on interreligious dialogue, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) took advantage of Sharon Helfer's visit to discover the distinctness of the Jewish religion. A rich encounter from more than one perspective…

Spotlight on the Centenarian “who could do everything”

A celebration of the centennial of a woman who has always been at the service of others ... A look at the festivities surrounding the 100 years of the life of Sr. Georgette Larose.

Launching of a New Year: Inspiration for Living Out and Transmitting our SNJM Heritage

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) of Quebec and their Associates gathered together for the launching of a new year of activities. Unveiling the theme of the year and their action plan, the members of the Quebec Leadership Team were very pleased to see the enthusiastic response and hope among the participants. Overview of this gathering which concluded with a Eucharistic celebration at the Cocathedral Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue.

The SNJM’s urge Canada to protect the rights of immigrant workers (Convention C-189

The United Nations adopted Convention C-189 in 2011 and called on countries to ratify it so as to better protect the rights of immigrant workers. Canada still has not ratified this convention when there are at least 150,000 domestic workers in the country, including 25,000 in Quebec. To learn more about this, click here.

An invitation to implement pastoral actions to protect drinking water

The message of the Holy Father September 1st on the occasion of the World Day of Prayer for the Safeguard of Creation, followed by the Declaration on the Right to Drinking Water recently presented by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) invite us to take concrete pastoral actions to protect drinking water. It is also an incentive to question the actions we can take on a daily basis.  For further information

Invitation to Discover “Who is God For Me?”

Within the framework of days of recollection organized by the Spiritual Animation Committee and held at Marie-Rose Durocher Residence and at Maison Jésus-Marie, three women from different cultural and religious traditions will share their personal journey regarding “Who is God for me?” from the perspective of their faith tradition.