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La rue des Femmes: “A place for rediscovering oneself” - Myrlande

“The most wonderful gift I can receive is that of being listened to.” - Anonymous source. This is a telling testimony to the contribution of the Montreal organization La rue des Femmes. Since its modest beginnings, the organization created by Léonie Couture in 1994, has grown to become a benchmark in the milieu. 

An article, published in the Journal of the Leadership Team of the Quebec Province, paints a picture of the services and activities set up by the organization, and presents the approach developed by La rue des Femmes to help women to “reintegrate their lives” and to find “good relational health” again.   See the article to learn more…

Magical Moments at the 2017 SNJM Jubilee Celebration

A symbol reminiscent of light set the mood for the annual SNJM Jubilee Celebration which took place on May 13, at Maison Jésus-Marie. The organizing committee rivalled one another in ingenuity to organize a meaningful celebration for the 20 Sisters who celebrated their 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 years of commitment within the Congregation and for the two associates who celebrated 25 years of commitment. To relive this magical moment, read the article and see the photo album.

Discovering women committed to the poor and the sick

Another wonderful discovery awaited the participants in the gathering and discussions that took place on May 3, at Maison Jésus-Marie. Actually they learned a lot about the Community of the Petites Sœurs de l’Assomption (PSA) (Little Sisters of the Assumption), an international community which is still active in 20 countries. Sister Cécile Héon, PSA, spoke about the charism and spirituality of this Congregation, which is still present in the diocese of Saint-Jean-Longueuil.  For more information with photos…

It will soon be the 15th anniversary of the organization "Chemins de Vie"

How familiar are you with the non-profit organization “Chemins de Vie”? This article which appeared in the Publication of the Quebec Provincial Leadership Team (PLT), allows us to discover the “meaningful” journey of this community group which promotes a process of spiritual seeking and growth and welcomes people of all beliefs or belonging.

At the dawning of its 15th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2018, this organization which is marked by attitudes of welcoming, listening and respectfulness, has mandated a working group to identify for the future “the unmet needs and to find orientations that are new, audacious and full of meaning.”

While emphasizing that the services are provided free of charge, the article recalls the importance of the support of volunteers and the financial support of individuals, groups, participants and religious communities such as the Sisters of the Holy Names Of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), who have been committed since its inception. To learn more…

CASA: Helping and improving our contact with migrants

Dedicated to literacy with the aim of promoting the immigrants’ integration into Quebec, the Centre Alpha Sainte-Anne has offered free courses for written and spoken French for nearly 25 years. Sister Denise Mercier retraces the journey of CASA in a recent article in the Publication of the Quebec Provincial Leadership Team (PLT).

While emphasizing the contribution of many religious men and women from different communities dedicated to the mission of the Center, Sister Denise testifies to her own experience. She speaks with compassion about the challenges faced by these people in exile and the admiration they merit. 

Continue reading and recall the importance of expressing our solidarity with all the immigrants and refugees of the world.

The SNJMs in a process of reflection for taking a stand in support of immigrants and refugees

It is not new for the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) to be quick in responding to the cause of immigrants and refugees, as one of the participant’s comments shows. "I remember hearing with admiration about Mother Marie-Rose welcoming young Irish immigrant women during the years around 1845 ..."

Faced with the current crisis of human migration, the Congregation has chosen to take action by setting in motion a process for the approval of taking a corporate stand for migrants and refugees.  A look back on this Quebec process with  photographs

A fruitful and productive day for the English-speaking Sisters and Associates

March 11th provided the opportunity to intensely live a special time of encounter between the English-speaking Sisters and Associates. On the agenda for this full day was a section dedicated to the ongoing process of taking a corporate stand on behalf of migrants and refugees, a time for reflection and prayer, and time for several other activities.  To learn more …

Committed to prisoners, Sister Phyllis Douillard is enjoying her experience

In an interview with journalist Deborah Rankin from the "Catholic Register", Sister Phyllis Douillard spoke about her commitment to prisoners for the past thirty years, ten of which were dedicated to the work of restorative justice. With a touch of humor, she addressed various aspects of her current work. She took advantage of this opportunity to draw attention to specific issues such as the role of chaplains and the difficulty of funding programs such as the Circles of Support and Accountability
Click on this link for the full interview.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Maison Jesus- Marie

 My Irish friend, Mary O’Shea, marvels at the way North Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  She marvels at the parades and the parties. Being at Maison Jesus Marie March 17th was truly a day of joy.  There was no parade but our Francophone sisters celebrated the Anglophone sisters with music, Irish coffee and cake.  This year Linda Haydock, Mary Ellen Holohan, and Lorna Cooney, members of the General Leadership Term joined the party.  We enjoyed Irish singing and stories of our Irish ancestry.  There was even a little discussion as how Irish each was, whether it was 100% or 50% or 25% or not at all. Thank you Maryse and Gisèle for a wonderful afternoon.

Sr Phyllis Douillard

View the photo album – Photo Credit Sister Gisèle Lalande and Sister Pat O’Neill

A successful rehearsal by the students from École Secondaire St-Edmond

The students of secondary 3, 4 and 5 at École Secondaire St-Edmond were happy to come and present their musical repertoire on April 1st in the chapel at Maison Jésus-Marie. This concert served as a rehearsal to fine-tune the final details of their performance before the group takes part in the Concours des Solistes de Victoriaville (Soloists Competition) which takes place on April 29th. Accompanied on the piano by Lucie Ledoux and Denis Alain Dion, these pupils who are mastering the clarinet, the French horn, the tenor and alto saxophones, the violin and the cello, gave a magnificent concert to the great delight of the audience. We are reminded that, for several years, École Secondaire St-Edmond from the Commission Scolaire Marie-Victorin, has been developing a music program with a concentration in harmony and strings. Its musical program is renowned and has achieved excellent results as demonstrated by the success of several of these students throughout the years.

See the photo album - Photo credits: Sister Gisèle Lalande

Being attentive and receptive to the presence of the stranger

During a recent day of prayer and recollection at Résidence Sainte-Émélie, participants heard calls to be attentive to the reality that surrounds us and to look on others with kindness, so as to better welcome the stranger. About fifty Sisters and Associates participated in this gathering organized by the Spiritual Animation Committee of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary of Quebec. To learn more about this day of reflection...

The SNJM choir causes a sensation on the show “En direct de l’univers!”

The presence, on the show, of a group of ten Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and one Sister of Providence did not go unnoticed. Julie Snyder first, then the guest artists and the audience were amazed to see this group of Sisters so committed to the success of this show. A look back on this experience with comments from some of the participants...

Remaining “on mission” despite returning “home”

Journey of a committed Missionary Sister 

How can you not lose touch when returning to your native country after an absence of 41 years? Can one still be on mission even though she has returned to her native country? Sister Nicole Grégoire, from the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (White Sisters), recalled the key aspects of her journey during her talk. She spoke of the inherent difficulties upon returning to her country and especially about what is nourishing her and keeping her committed even today, while respecting the mission of her Congregation.

To learn more about this “missionary” journey…

A tribute to the SNJMs posted by former students on Facebook!

On this International Women's Day and following the noteworthy appearance by 10 Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary on the program "En direct de l’univers" with Julie Snyder, some students witnessed to their great appreciation for the contribution by the Sisters. 

And so it was that Jacinthe Laporte posted on her Facebook Page “...they are among the great builders of Quebec, with their educative mission and the thousands of young girls (including myself) that they have taught and inspired since 1843. Thanks to all of you...You have loved us and propelled us forward in a magnificent way.”

These former students responded by mentioning “How could we not forget Sister Gisèle and “Sister Jacqueline Longtin(who hired me at l’Externat Mont-Jésus-Marie)"?

A “Thank you!” message was posted, in French, on the SNJM Quebec Facebook page in response to the comments posted on Jacinthe Laporte’s Facebook page.


As we come together to celebrate the International Women’s Day, we join our sisters and brothers throughout the world remembering that “the care we have for one another leads us to engage with the pain and suffering of all people and creation” (USG/UISG).  Read further

Presentation of the Chapter Acts: calls to open doors onto Life

The birthday celebration of the SNJM Sisters and Associates of Quebec on February 18 was the occasion for another significant moment full of hope with the official presentation of the Chapter Acts of the 34th General Chapter of the Congregation. In the presence of two members of the Congregational Leadership Team and the Provincial Leadership Team, this ceremony was a reminder of the invitation “to continue the adventure with the Spirit.”   To read more… 

Celebrating birthdays and...life!

The challenge each year is to bring an innovative touch to this celebration so as to highlight, with warmth and conviviality, the birthdays of the Sisters and Associates of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM). This mission was accomplished again this year with a festive approach in which music played a major role, honoring the legacy of Blessed Marie-Rose who always encouraged the teaching of music.  To revisit this event and to recall wonderful memories…