Gathering of SNJM Consecrated Laywomen

On this wonderful day, March 9, 2013, six SNJM consecrated laywomen gathered at the Congregation House to receive the latest version of the “Guide for SNJM Lay Consecration”.

1ere rangée: Raymonde Hébert, Lorraine Morin-Blais, Thérèse Côté. 2e rangée: Marie Girardin, Jean Albert, Lauraine Desrochers

After everyone had an initial look at the revised Guide, Sister Yolande Dufresne gave a general presentation. The consecrated laywomen then withdrew for a more personal reading of the document. During a plenary session, the group shared their appreciation, questions and comments.

Following a buffet, the participants went to the chapel for prayer and a more official presentation of the document. As a gift, the consecrated laywomen received an insignia representing a quetzal bird which has a very special significance for our mission. 

Yolande Laberge, SNJM

Photos of the event