Commitment of Fleurette Descent, SNJM Consecrated Lay Person

Engagement par voeu

“I make to Almighty God the private vow of celibate chastity for two years, according to the spirit of Marie-Rose Durocher…”

It was with these words and with much emotion that  Fleurette fulfilled her dream of consecrating herself to God. About thirty people shared her joy: Associates, friends and Sisters, many of whom were present at the beginning of Fleurette’s commitment as the first Associate of the Congregation more than thirty years ago.


Groupe de personnes associées avec Fleurette

The ceremony took place at the Foundation House in Longueuil, on September 29, 2012. Sister Beverley Wattling, Provincial coordinator, facilitated the ritual, assisted by Sister Thérèse Laplante, who had accompanied Fleurette during her preparation.

Drawing inspiration from Jeremiah 1:4-8, Sister Beverley stressed, with a touch of humour: “When God calls us to serve and speak in his name we cannot say, as Jeremiah did, 'I am too young'.

We might be tempted to say, 'I am too old, I am too tired.'  But then God would say to us, as to Jeremiah, 'Do not say that, you will go wherever I send you, I will be with you.'  Following in the footsteps of Mother Marie-Rose, continue to witness as an educative presence of love, justice and peace.”