At the Maison des enfants Marie-Rose in Beauharnois

Since January, 2012, the Maison des enfants Marie-Rose has been offering healthy lunches to children. About twenty children come to eat at the Club des dîners-santé (The Healthy Lunch Club) and they also prepare lunches for the next day.

They make bread, banana breads, galettes de sarrasin (buckwheat cakes), vegetable pizzas, vegetables and dip, homemade sausages, etc.

After lunch, the children do their homework, read, improvise or play outside before returning to school.

Two wonderful volunteers are in charge of the healthy cooking: Nathalie Meunier and Brigitte Bellerose. They do their culinary research with passion and love our children with remarkable tenderness. One of them initiated a community kitchen for the mothers of our children.

Eating becomes communion when we bring to the table peace, gentleness, respectful conversation, generosity and humour.

Janine Lefebvre snjm associate