2 Groups of Francophone Associates Renew Their Commitment

Groupe à la chapelle

On May 23, 2012, a day of remembering the 30th anniversary of the Beatification of Mother Marie-Rose Durocher, the associates from the groups: Du Rocher and Valleyfield, celebrated their commitments. 
Gathered in the Notre-Dame-du-Sourire Catechetical Center in Valleyfield, Lise McSween, invited us to spend some time reflecting and sharing with Father Gabriel Clément.

Held in the small chapel, the ritual for the celebration prepared by Gisèle Provost was conducive to mediation. Father Clément, who presided at the Eucharist, provided us with the experience of powerful and joyful moments.


Renouvellement des engagements

Jeannine Lefebvre et sa mère, Rita

At the offertory, Sister Beverley, provincial animator, received the commitments of the Du Rocher and Valleyfield groups. Then, surprise! she invited Mrs. Rita Lefebvre to come forward and make her initial commitment. Applause, emotion and much joy!... a new blossom …

The day ended with a lovely dinner. We had just experienced a beautiful day as spiritual daughters of Mother Marie-Rose.

Eulalie, fervent flame, inspire-us,
so that we may become all that we can be,
wherever we are, in our own milieu…

 In collaboration with Lise and  Micheline,
 by Nicole and Gisèle