A deputy calls attention to the exceptional dedication of Sr. Gisèle Foucreault

The exceptional contribution of Sister Gisèle Foucreault, who has been on mission for almost fifty years in Lesotho, in Africa, is an example to be followed, according to the NDP deputy Djaouida Sellah (Saint-Bruno-Saint-Hubert).

Mme. Sellah took advantage of her platform in the House of Commons today, to pay tribute to the valuable work of Sister Gisèle, a religious Sister with roots in Saint-Bruno.

A religious since 1957, Sister Gisèle has been a missionary in Lesotho since 1963, cited the deputy. "She has participated in many projects that have led to a better quality of life for hundreds of people, explained Mme. Sellah.
Whether it be better access to safe water, lodging or the construction of local infrastructures such as schools, libraries, bakeries and farming cooperatives, Sister Gisèle has bettered the lives of many families."

"Sister Gisèle’s work has also allowed for the youth of Saint-Bruno to become aware of the needs and the reality of young people around the world, through their participation in the Minta Saint-Bruno organization."

The entire NDP team lent its voice to that of Mme. Sellah to thank Sister Gisèle for her humanitarianism and her commitment.

OTTAWA - 2011 12 13 - Communiqué