Marie-Rose Chapel

Since May 1, 2004, the remains of Blessed Marie-Rose rest in Marie-Rose Chapel in Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue Co-Cathedral in Longueuil, in a rose-colored marble tomb placed below the altar. Previously, her tomb was at the motherhouse of the Congregation in Outremont.

To dedicate a chapel to Marie-Rose Durocher is to acknowledge her remarkable contribution and that of her religious family to the life of the Church and of society.

Tombeau et Chapelle

The space in the Co-Cathedral, set aside for the new tomb is the right transept of the church. This transept is delineated from the nave of the church by a delicate wrought iron grating, which includes a Dutch door leading into this special place of peace and recollection. Embedded in the door are the words “Chapelle Marie-Rose”. The remains of our Foundress are placed under the altar of the transept.

A statue of Marie-Rose is placed at the top of the altar. Facing the altar, in the back of the wall of the chapel, is Sister Cornelia’s portrait of Marie-Rose.

The beauty and the simplicity of the place invite us to praise God and to invoke a daring, generous and loving woman.

Tombeau et Chapelle

The Co-Cathedral is situated at the corner of rue Saint-Charles est and Chemin Chambly, in Longueuil.

Open every day from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.