Tasting probiotic yogurts

At the beginning of November, on Sister Jeanne Lebeau’s initiative, the Sisters at Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher were invited to an informative activity together with the tasting of probiotic yogurts. 

Chef, Luc Tremblay, was entrusted with the task of initiating the Sisters to the characteristics of probiotics.

Health benefits 

Briefly, probiotics are living microorganisms that are useful (if not necessary) for health, particularly for the intestinal flora.

Among the recognized benefits, remember that they improve digestion by relieving digestive disorders (stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation and others). They strengthen the natural defenses and regenerate the intestinal flora by restraining the multiplication of viruses. They also help restore intestinal equilibrium during and after taking antibiotics, etc.

After a brief presentation, the Sisters tasted various probiotic yogurts. They had the pleasure of recognizing some well-known flavors (vanilla, strawberry, blueberry ...) while enjoying additional benefits for their health!

By mid-November, they were starting to integrate the probiotic yogurts into their regular diet.

Report - Sister Yolande Dufresne

Photos – Sister Pierrette Désilets