SNJM fall gathering under the theme: “Open to Transformation”

On the occasion of the first provincial gathering of the new season, the members of the SNJM Provincial Leadership Team unveiled the theme for the year: "Open to Transformation".

After having been called, during the last two years, to “open doors to the future and to Life”, current circumstances lend themselves perfectly to this meaningful theme, explained Sister Denise Riel, the Provincial Animator. 

Sister Denise specified the reasons for this choice, especially because of:

• The numerous losses that we experience in our daily lives through: aging, the all-too-numerous deaths, the changing of residences, etc.
• Various events around us, such as the arrival of refugees, ecological disasters, violence, corruption, etc. 
“These are all situations which call us to be “open to transformation”, she said.


Three priorities 

Three people spoke about experiencing difficult situations that have been a source of transformation in their lives. These testimonies, consistent with truth and hope, led to reflection and small-group discussions.

In the plenary, based on the testimonies and discussions, the participants confirmed the relevance of the chosen theme at this point in the history of the Congregation.

The members of the Provincial Leadership Team then presented the three priorities for developing this theme, inviting each one to embrace openness to transformation in their daily lives:


• Another look at religious life
• One more step towards immigrants and refugees
• Green communities in the making
The meeting continued with a ritual inviting people to benefit from the beginning of a new year to recognize God’s gift in their personal and community history and to remain open to the future. 

At the time of the Sending Forth on Mission, a handout was given to each with the message: “Let us allow God to transform us and renew our minds.”   (Romans 12,2)

Light refreshments served at the end of the meeting contributed to socializing and discussions. Based on the energy that emerged, it was a successful meeting. 

Photos - Sisters Gisèle Lalande and Pat O’Neill