Thank you for the marvels harvested

Thanksgiving Day, celebrated at Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher Residence, was the occasion to give thanks for many kindnesses including those of nature. "We thanked the Creator for all the marvels we harvested,” said Sister Pierrette Désilets, referring to the abundant harvest from the city garden.

Lettuce, radishes, cucumbers and an abundance of tomatoes satisfied all the Sisters who greatly appreciated eating fresh and un-refrigerated vegetables. There was a certain pride in seeing all these vegetables grown during the summer and a great satisfaction in consuming the fruit of the labor of a whole team of volunteers, led by Sister Jeanne Lebeau.


In addition to the large standing flower box, the residence’s city garden stretched along the wire fence to accommodate the vegetable plants and flowers and to also brighten up the backyard. You just had to see these various vegetable and flower plants growing blithely, ignoring the asphalt environment!

The visitors and the Sisters were able to enjoy the pleasant look and the aromas released through nature and which proved to be lavishly abundant, having profited from all the care given by the team of the city garden from Résidence Marie-Rose -Durocher.

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