It will soon be the 15th anniversary of the organization "Chemins de Vie"

How familiar are you with the non-profit organization “Chemins de Vie”? This article which appeared in the Publication of the Quebec Provincial Leadership Team (PLT), allows us to discover the “meaningful” journey of this community group which promotes a process of spiritual seeking and growth and welcomes people of all beliefs or belonging.

At the dawning of its 15th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2018, this organization which is marked by attitudes of welcoming, listening and respectfulness, has mandated a working group to identify for the future “the unmet needs and to find orientations that are new, audacious and full of meaning.”

While emphasizing that the services are provided free of charge, the article recalls the importance of the support of volunteers and the financial support of individuals, groups, participants and religious communities such as the Sisters of the Holy Names Of Jesus and Mary (SNJM), who have been committed since its inception. To learn more…