Spiritual Message – March 2017 - Called to a spirituality of welcome . . . welcoming life in its fragility

What is meant by “welcoming life in its fragility”? Would we prefer to think that life should always tend toward something “bigger and better”?  These are among the questions raised in this third spiritual message entitled “Called to a spirituality of welcome”, which was written by Sr. Beverley Wattling.

To answer these questions, Sr. Beverley refers to some of the teachings of Christian tradition including those of author Fr. Richard Rohr, O.S.F.  She recalls experiences of some of the known and lesser known people who “have used their fragilities to help others and to give meaning to their own lives.”

Noting that acceptance of fragility “goes against most contemporary wisdom”, Sr. Beverley concludes the message by citing two beatitudes with the hope that Jesus will help us understand and live them.

We are reminded that the three spiritual messages are based on the Province theme of this year 2016-2017: The Spirituality of Welcome

See the full text by downloading the PDF file below.