La Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose: two years after

The Quebec provincial leadership team was invited to Beauharnois by Mrs. Janine Lefebvre, an SNJM Associate, to share in the celebration of the second anniversary of the founding of Maison des enfants Marie-Rose.

Thursday, October 8, 2009, many invited guests gathered in the garden to listen to some one hundred students from Marie-Rose School, render their version of the official song for the week dedicated to Art and Culture: “Du froid au chaud”(Out of the cold into the warmth).  This song was composed by Mr. Claude Vallières and the Grade 6 students of St-Edouard School in Les Premières Seigneuries School Board.


Several benefactors of the Maison des enfants Marie-Rose were invited to speak. The mayor, Mr. Daniel Charlebois, reaffirmed his commitment to this work.  Sr. Lise Marleau provincial superior, emphasized how willing and with great enthusiasm the SNJM’s were financially supporting this project which is seen as a continuation of Mother Marie-Rose’s work.

Mr. Stéphane Febbrari, representative of l’Oeuvre Léger, presented a $7 500 cheque as a token of their support; and Mr. Daniel Frappier, president of the Optimist Club, reaffirmed their support by sharing the areas that the children occupy.

Mrs. Karen Dowker, the “La Maison” piano teacher, presented a beautiful acrylic representation of Mother Marie-Rose.

Finally, Sylvie Baillargeon from the Mira Foundation, donated a dog, named Mithchou, who will be trained as a pet for the children of the house.  This is the first time Mira has given a dog to an organization.

Some Sisters from St-Martine Residence and some Associates from Valleyfield also attended the celebration.

Mrs. Janine Lefebvre brought the celebration to a close by thanking the benefactors and then invited anyone, who so desired, to purchase the products produced by the children.

As Mrs. Lefebvre likes to say, “Despite the cold and the wind, hearts are warmed by the realization of this wonderful project inspired by Mother Marie-Rose.”

Long live this unique work whose sole objective

is to help the children of Beauharnois

through art and culture!