Concerts – A Double Bill

The Maison Jésus-Marie Leisure and Well-being Committee got the month of April off to a strong start by presenting two concerts, back to back, on April 2 and 3. 

The students from Secondary 3, 4 and 5 from École St-Edmond started off this double bill on April 2, with a concert of woodwind instruments. This school in Brossard offers a music option which is now well known.

Clarinet, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, violin, cello along with the French horn were the musical instruments played, accompanied on the piano mainly by Madame Lucie Ledoux.

A beautiful performance which was greatly appreciated.

Photo album of the concert by the students from École St-Edmond

The following day, it was the Ensemble Harpissimo’s turn to come and charm the ears of the audience. This ensemble aims to introduce the general public to “the traditional harp as a musical instrument and a living cultural tradition.”

The Ensemble Harpissimo was directed by Robin Grenon, from Quebec. It was another shining success.

Photo album of the Ensemble Harpissimo concert