Almost 15 years on a committee, what more could be said?

Remise du certificat bien mérité

On January 18, in the name of the SNJM Communications Committee of Quebec, Sister Monique Thériault highlighted Sister Yolande Dufresne’s participation on this committee for almost 15 years.

An enjoyable supper, a certificate of recognition, a banner on the wall and the caring presence of the Sisters from Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher brought delight to the heart of the one who was being celebrated. 

Un clavier peut servir à tout...

Sr Yolande exprime ses mercis

Sister Yolande Dufresne, S.N.J.M.
for her contribution to the vitality of the 
SNJM Communications Committee of Quebec 
from 2001 to 2015

For amply providing for the website, for her involvement in basic training for the use of a computer, for browsing the internet and more recently for initiation to social media, but above all, for her attentive and untiring presence which enabled several SNJM’s to master communications in this 21st century.

We thank you for everything, Yolande!!!