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Before Christmas, an unusual request was made to the Sisters at Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher: to make 200 angels to be handed out to the parishoners at the Christmas Midnight Mass in a neighbouring parish.

Surprise and doubt! How can we accomplish a project like this, of such magnitude, and in so short a time? But, on the other hand: “Why not take part since many members of the local community are available and it would be a way of participating in an apostolic mission with a parish?”  Enough hesitation: we accepted and the mission got underway!

And then the worksite got off the ground! You had to see the Sisters, as busy as bees, who looked for models; who found suitable materials; who brought out samples from their own hidden treasures. And the project was in progress thanks to the collaboration, the good humour and the team spirit of each and every one!

Angels here, angels there, they were everywhere: in the community room, in the reception area, in bedrooms. We spoke about them, compared results, helped each other and perfected the models! And unexpectedly, after several days, we had nearly 250! There was good reason to be surprised at these results!


The angels were now ready to take flight! Father Bernard Gauthier, Redemptorist, came to get them and told us more about the goals of this project: to enable people, who so wished, to participate in a Christmas Midnight Mass and following it, to share in festivities provided by the parish. It was a great opportunity for celebrating, whether it was for people who were alone, for Christians who wanted to experience Christmas this way, or for all those searching for meaning.

And that was not all! Another surprise: More than sixty of the angels, which were left over after the celebration, headed to the Tanguay Prison for women, where, through the good graces of Father Gauthier, our sisters in faith benefitted from this unexpected visit which brought them some happiness!

Pictures serve as reminders of this apostolic community adventure carried out by the Sisters from Marie-Rose-Durocher Residence. Skilled hands and a labor of love making these angels, fulfilled their mission to accompany others: thanks be to God!

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