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Prayer for Better Communications

Lord, we pray for media professionals, attempting to bring coherence and meaning to events for a better understanding of the world.

Lord, we pray for the media professionals killed last week. May they rest in peace. May freedom of expression be granted to everyone on the planet.

Lord, we pray for those who have been injured or vilified by slander, derision, lies or misinformation.

Lord, awaken vocations as servers of information and communication.

Lord, we pray for all those who play a role in information and communication. May they be professionals attentive to the most fragile situations.

Lord, protect and support journalists and communicators who build bridges and create respect for all humanity.

Lord, we pray for the world and the Church. Call your priests to be community leaders, witnesses of your Love for all humanity on the Internet. Lord, send your Spirit so that they may find their proper place in this new virtual world which is to be evangelized.

Lord, we pray for our communities. May the Spirit of communion nourished by your Word and the Eucharist help each one of us to bring good news and camaraderie.

Lord, strengthen the spirit of communion and communication within our groups and our communities so that we may be your witnesses and joyful messengers.

Lord, grant that our communications among ourselves 
bring us closer to You,  
and that our communications with You  
bring us closer to others. Amen.

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