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A Charism Should Not Be “A Reason For Pride”

During a General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square on October 1, 2014, Pope Francis stated: A charism “is for the good of all” : “far from being a reason for pride, it is to be lived out with generosity and selflessness”.

The Pope resumed his catechesis on the Church, reflecting on charisms which are "a grace from the Spirit, a gift from God”, a “sign of God’s love for his children”.

“Brothers and sisters, in the Church there is a diversity and multiplicity of charisms. A charism is much more than a personal quality, a predisposition that one can be endowed with. It is a grace from the Spirit, a gift from God that is given to someone so that she/he can put it at the service of the whole community, for the good of all. Far from being a reason for pride, it is to be lived out with generosity and selflessness.

Alone, one cannot understand whether one has a charism, and which one because it must be recognized by the community as a sign of God’s love for all his children. All charisms are gifts of the Spirit, and never must the diversity of these gifts become reasons for division, but rather reasons to marvel; they can grow harmoniously in the faith and in His love because we are in need of one another”.

Auvidec Média/Zenit

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