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A University Degree obtained by an SNJM

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On October 15, 2014, Sister Françoise Lafortune, S.N.J.M., received a Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences at the Université de Montréal.

The evening’s ceremony was to acknowledge, in a special way, the perseverance of the students. This quality has been evident in Françoise Lafortune, S.N.J.M. both throughout her studies and in her professional life.

Françoise has a Masters Degree in Music from the Université Laval and taught music for many years, before becoming secretary at the Provincial Administration Office for the SNJM Québec Province, a position she has also held for many years.

Motivated by a desire to learn, to acquire new skills, and to be better equipped to understand today’s world, she enrolled in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences at the Université de Montréal.


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Françoise's Brother and Sister-in-law

The diploma which was granted to her on October 15, 2014, attests to her tenacity and the quality of her work.

The event integrated the convocation of the graduates, the awarding of prizes and scholarships and an emphasis on gratitude to the donors.

Addressing the audience which consisted of faculty members, benefactors, relatives and friends of the students, Mr. Yves Beauchamp, who was representing the rector, spoke about “the importance of formation in theology and religious sciences in a complex world that is searching for meaning.”

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Our most sincere congratulations to Françoise!


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