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Unforgettable Musical Moments

What would you say if you heard 350 children singing with a symphony orchestra? This was the magical moment offered to the audience at the Montreal Symphony House during the Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil’s “La Série Portée Pédagogique”  yearly concert, under the direction of Maestro Marc David.

The program opened with the orchestra playing a selection from Smetana, followed by Mozart’s Horn Concerto featuring a young beneficiary of a scholarship, provided by the sponsors of the Orchestra. Peer Gynt’s Suite no 1, brought this part to a close. 


L'auditoire applaudit le chef, Marc David
Orchestre et chorales

The choir composed of students from over ten schools in the Commissions Scolaires Marie-Victorin and Grandes-Seigneuries, then performed a program ranging from what is classic to Quebecers to the contemporary.

What was being accomplished before our very eyes and ears was almost unbelievable! Benefitting from perfect acoustics, the music and words complemented each other to perfection, and the discipline was commendable as was the exuberance of the conductor...

The SNJM’s, an associated sponsor of the Série Portée Pédagogique, were delighted to observe how young people could achieve something so amazing when their energy is channeled and music becomes an excellent springboard for continuing growth.

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