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Recognition for 26 Years of Service to Families

On Sunday, June 8, 12 companions of Sister Micheline Beaulne attended a celebration in recognition of her 26 years of service in Ottawa. Yes, the Team from Centre de Service à la Famille in the Diocese has benefitted from her ongoing commitment, her initiatives, her perseverance, her talents, and her challenges.  

It was also a time for Micheline to thank the pioneers, the builders, the directors of the Quebec and Ontario Schools, the teachers, and the Religious Communities who so generously accepted to finance the C.S.F.  They all believed in this work which has continued to grow.


Micheline Beaulne honorée

The services for children and adults are many:   
-    Administrative secretaries, their valuable “right arms”,
-    Marriage Preparation Sessions,
-    Maison de la famille, (Family home)
-    Program « Grands-parents à l’Écoute- Parcours-lecture » (Grandparents reading and
                   listening to students in the classrooms)
-    Program Vacances-familles at Lac Bernard. (Family vacations)

During her talk, Micheline also shared poignant memories about each person
-    the affiliation and confidence in the relationships between  collaborators,
-    the mutual help and support in the challenges which surfaced
-    valuing everyone in her/his capacity to give of herself/himself.
-    the love and respect which furthered all aspects of the children’s development.


In conclusion, Sister Micheline said: “A page in my life has ended. A page filled with friendship, dedication, a page which says THANK YOU for the 26 years of happiness which I have experienced with you.   It is a beautiful history, a collective work, a work which has a solid foundation because it is built on loving service to God, to the Church and to Ontario’s francophone community.”

Then, in introducing the people who will ensure the continuation of this history, she wished “joy and fruitfulness to those who, along with you, will commit themselves to the mission of this Center. You can count on the volunteers who will continue to support you in your mission which is also theirs”.


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