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A Life-giving Graduation!

On Friday, May 2, the “Institut de Pastorale des Dominicains” was the venue of celebration. With the theme “There is something new in the air » the staff and guests celebrated the success of fifteen graduates.  Leading the group was our very own Sister Lise Gendron who received a third certificate in Pastoral Studies.
Three certificates! So much attentive listening in so many courses! So many moments of reflection and research so as to integrate and transform this rich information into teaching tools for catechetical services for youth!

Lise Gendron

Christology is thought-provoking: Passion/Death/Resurrection, Faces of Jesus in the Movies, the answer to “Who do you say that I am?” Courses in Ecclesiology and the Fathers of the Church will all serve in preparing and leading others to experience the gift of gathering “in His Name”.

Bishop Rouet, in his zeal for the pilgrim Church knows how to make the Gospel passages pertinent “enabling the Word of God to penetrate and transform hearts”. The wonders of “something new in the air” is encouraging for creativity and even brings a desire to live fully to a certain age ... so as to guide and prepare the future of generations to come.  

Congratulations, Sister Lise! Your work as a student and your tenacious and lively commitment to parish catechetics, gives glory to God. It also allows our young people to know how to answer their Friend who says to them: “Who do you say that I am?”

Ghislaine Laporte, SNJM

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