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“On the Church Steps” in Modern Times

Odette Côté, Anouk , soeur Monique Thériault

It is quite fitting that Mrs. Odette Côté referred to the social media, Facebook and Twitter, in this way. Just as in the older days, the latest news was exchanged on the church steps, so it is today through virtual platforms that the latest news is spread; and this on a worldwide basis.

On two sunny afternoons in April, about twenty SNJM Sisters and Associates gathered at the threshold of social media, thanks to the initiative of the Quebec SNJM’s communications committee.  

Des étudiantes attentives...
au prêche de Facebook...

Mrs. Odette Côté and her daughter Anouk very happily passed on their knowledge. With the most comprehensible language possible for the uninitiated, and with unquestionable competence, they demystified the virtual world of Facebook.

Exceptional accompanying documentation will enable each participant, with a fresh open mind, to re-examine the new concepts and to put them into practice.

This session will help each one to communicate more easily with relatives, friends and even former students, and to create new relationships.

No doubt, other sessions will be necessary to continue with the exploration of what is a new world for many and to help them to benefit from the Internet which, as we are reminded by Pope Francis “is a gift from God” for today’s world.

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