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100 years of Life: Sister Léontine Bellehumeur

Maison Jésus-Marie resonated with sounds of joy to mark the 100th birthday of Sister Léontine : a few words from Sister Jacqueline Boudreau, a Eucharist presided by Father Fontaine, presentation of a blessing from Pope Francis, a beautiful floral arrangement from her family and plenty of love shown by her Sisters Léa Dulude and Jacqueline Longtin. Sister Léontine was very touched.  

For the celebration in the afternoon, six of her co-parishioners from St-Roch-de-l’Achigan were present. Sister Léontine was very happy with this festive time. It was all that her delicate state of health could bear since, for the most part, she is bedridden.

Sister Léontine was in touch with her family - she spoke on the phone to her only surviving brother who is living in a nursing home and does not go out. Her nephews and nieces came to visit her, family by family, which was less tiring for her.

To complement this celebration, here is a text written by Sister Marie-Ange St-André, one of her co-parishioners. It is entitled: A day for celebrating endless dreams and small hidden hopes.

No doubt, on January 15, 1914,
Léontine’s parents were very happy to welcome their oldest daughter,
full of life,
but they were far from imagining the durability of the thread of her life
which has been unwinding for a century.

Yes, Léontine is really fortunate,
still able to pray, to converse with interest and still wanting to be informed about the ins and outs of daily life:
 “So, do you have any news?
Lower the side on my bed, I want to get up to replace this display
and these pictures, etc.”

 Be happy and may you count still more steps
towards your many dreams and blessings, dear Léontine!


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