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Maria Mourani’s Private Member’s Bill C-452 is unanimously adopted by the House of Commons

Mme. Maria Mourani’s Message – Hello everyone,It is with great joy that I announce that Bill C-452, aimed at combating human trafficking,  was unanimously adopted at the 3rd reading. The bill has now passed all steps in the House of Commons and will now be studied by the Senate, quickly I hope.
It is almost unheard of that a private member’s bill by an opposing deputy, especially an independent one, gets to this point. I owe the success for this to each one of you and to your remarkable support. Therefore, it is now entering another step, that of the Senate, and so I invite you to let your interest in this proceeding be known so that the bill may be studied quickly.
Thank you so much. Maria Mourani, Honourable Member for Ahuntsic
The complete text is in the PDF format below.
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