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Gratitude in Val-Morin

SNJM guests

On October 13, 2013, the Sunday of the long Thanksgiving weekend, twenty-two Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary joyfully responded to an invitation from the parishioners of St-Norbert in Val-Morin.

After a very warm welcome: red roses for their lapels and having their names checked off  the guest list, they walked in procession to take their places in the pews that had been reserved for them. Msgr. André Daoust, pastor of the Christian Community, also extended a cordial welcome to them. 
After the homily, Msgr. explained to the parishioners the purpose of  this unusual gathering, pointing out that the SNJM’s had been present in Val-Morin from 1954 to 2013. He named each of the Sisters who had worked within the parish community. As each one stood up to be introduced, the assembly spontaneously applauded her. Sister Lorraine Mongeon, provincial animator, thanked everyone, on behalf of the group.


The church sanctuary
Unforgettable scenery at Lac-Raymond

Following the festive Eucharistic celebration, the parishioners were invited to meet the honorees, after which everyone moved to the sacristy where wine and delicious  refreshments prepared by the members of the local "Comité d’Action", awaited them.

The history of the SNJM’s presence in Val-Morin was published in the newspaper
« ICI VAL-MORIN » under the heading «Chronique patrimoniale» (p. 4) written by Madame Huguette Viau. A visit to the Town Hall allowed for people to admire the pictures taken for the aforementioned publication.

Most of the Sisters could not resist the temptation to revisit their former home which was so dear to them. What a surprise it was to meet M. Frédéric Drouin, one of the new owners who was honored to welcome them and open the doors to all those who wished to visit. With all the information he gave, everyone left with the belief that the new occupants intend to continue the work of welcoming others, which was so well carried out during the last fifty-nine years.

It was with hearts full of memories and thanksgiving that everyone left, to return again...perhaps...

Sister Jeanne Lebeau, S.N.J.M.
Photos of the event

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