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Walk! : Awareness Day – 2013 Edition

 In Montreal, on September 18, 2013 the third edition of the annual walk for awareness on human trafficking Freedom Relay Canada, will take place. (The Quebec Gathering is called d’En marche!)
This event will be held in the “Peace Garden” at Dawson College, beginning at noon. (Atwater Metro)

The walk, which lasts an hour, will be followed by speeches and musical performances from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., upon returning to the “Peace Garden”. This will end with a vigil in memory of the victims of human trafficking who did not survive this plague. 

From 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. several kiosks, representing the local NGO’s which are fighting against human trafficking will be open, to provide the public with an opportunity to become informed on what human trafficking is, on what action and resources are available in Quebec, as well as ways for them to become involved in fighting against it.


En Marche! represents our provincial gathering, and is a concerted effort with the goal of promoting wider involvement by the people of Quebec at large. With this goal, there is the hope of unmasking modern slavery, of putting an end to it, and of increasing the visibility of public, parapublic, community and nongovernmental organizations which are working against this phenomenon in Quebec and who come to the aid of those who are being targeted. More precisely: to enable citizens to identify this phenomenon and to respond to the needs in an adequate manner.

For further information, contact :
Catherine Legault
In charge of communications d’En Marche!

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