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Who are these patriotic women? These women who resisted, risking their lives and the lives of their many children. Who is she who put her foot against the door preventing the soldiers from entering and burning down her house in Beauharnois? Who is this mother of a family, dead with her baby in her arms, and whose eight children were found frozen to death in the Spring near the American lines? How were these women in solidarity in the quest for freedom and social justice during the years 1837-1838? Do we remember them, the lives risked, their commitment?

Louise Falardeau, a sister of Pierre Falardeau, film director and author of 15 FÉVRIER 1839, is involved in researching the documents and will speak to us about these patriotic women who were courageous and involved in their society.

The Maison des Enfants Marie-Rose in Beauharnois is organizing a dinner conference on Friday, May 17 at 6 PM. to hear the results of Louise Falardeau’s research.
All of the proceeds will go towards building the Manoir Ellice so as to provide a place for the arts for the children and families of Beauharnois!

Welcome! To children, families and to seekers of historical truth!

Janine Lefebvre

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