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A Presence To Those Who Are Marginalized

“Neither do I condemn you.” John 8: 11.

Sister Thérèse Bibeau organized a reflection on marginalized people for the Sisters at Marie-Rose Durocher Residence during Lent 2013.  This information session was linked to the Gospel account of the aduterous woman.

Sister Thérèse read some reflections written by Father Jean Patry, a chaplain for 38 years at Bordeaux Prison and Mother Teresa of Culcutta. Then Sister Phyllis Douillard shared on her personal experiences of working with marginalized people.

Sister Phyllis’s initial contact with prisoners took place when, as a teacher at the secondary level, she invited a prisoner to come and speak to her students. The experience was so beneficial for the young people that she repeated it during the years which followed. 

In listening to these testimonies, Phyllis discovered a call within herself and decided to give of her time by regularly visiting a prisoner. It was a real learning process for her...

Phyllis and Thérèse

For a number of years, Phyllis has been journeying with people who are marginalized: prisoners and later prostitutes from Saint Catherine Street to whom she offered coffee at night. Presently, she is working with pedophiles and sexual aggressors.

The volunteers are never alone with an individual in this work.  Several volunteers always rally round or accompany the marginalized person.

The meeting ended in the chapel by listening to the hymn “Intercession” by Robert Lebel:

“For all those whose bodies have been violated without modesty,
without remorse, without love, without compassion -
Lord, have mercy.

For all those who have never experienced God’s glance
full of love for them.
For all those who are being destroyed -
Lord, have mercy.”

Everyone was pleased with this very informative session.

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