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World Water Day 2013

In 2013, World Water Day will be celebrated with the theme International Year of Water Cooperation, coordinated by UNESCO for UN-Water.

So, on March 22, we have many reasons to celebrate:

  • To recall that water is a valuable asset, essential for all life on earth.
  • That it is inseparable from the right to life and that there is no substitute for it.
  • That in Canada, the Great Lakes contain approximately 18 % of the world’s freshwater supply, making it by far the largest fresh surface water reserve in the world.
Let us also celebrate the organizations which, on the provincial, national and international levels, are protecting this right:

  • Think about the United Nations which recognized, in July 2010, the right of access to clean water and sanitation as a right for everyone.
  • Think about  Eau Secours (in French only) which, on March 12, requested that the Quebec Government create a parliamentary commission for the dossier on fluoridation in drinking water because, for this organization, fluoride is a toxic product.

Five years after taking their collective corporative stand on water, by which they publically affirmed that “water is a human right and a public good”, the SNJM’s continue to believe in the concerted effort necessary to preserve water which is essential to life.
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