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A Greatly Appreciated Collaboration

The publication, ‘En son Nom’, primarily dedicated to consecrated life, recently celebrated 70 years of history. In the January-February issue, it mentions the founders of the periodical, as well as those who have subsequently insured its continuation.  Among them was Sister Monique Thériault. Here is how her contribution was acknowledged:

“From the year 2000 until the end of 2007, Sister Monique Thériault, a Sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, continued the mission of the periodical with”, as Brother Marcel Lafrance, f.i.c.  noted in his tribute to her, “an intensity that never wavered.  Sister Thériault showed great openness toward new collaborators, and in particular to new communities and to laypeople.

During the celebrations held in Quebec and in Montreal, Sister Monique, Chairperson of the Board of "En Son Nom", was the spokesperson who eloquently expressed our gratitude to members of the key groups who had contributed to the long-lasting success of the publication.”

Congratulations for this faithful commitment!

Simone Perras, snjm

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