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105th Birthday Celebration

On December 15th, Sister Augustine Bougie celebrated her 105th birthday with her family, at Maison Jésus-Marie. Sister Maryse Moisan addressed the jubilarian with these words:

Dear Sister,

In a few days, you will celebrate your one hundred and fifth birthday!

And yes, for you, December 23rd has always been an important date.

Today, your family is gathered here to celebrate with you, because we cannot allow such an event to go by unnoticed!

Born in St-Stanislas de Koska, in December 1907, you were baptized on Christmas Day. Emery and Permelia, very affable people, welcomed their 7th child by naming her Augustine. It is said that your family was hospitable and known for its evenings where music and dance were integral to the gatherings.

As a student, Augustine was by nature serious, pious and filled with a sense of duty.

She was 24 when she left the world behind with some regret: she loved to laugh and have fun...she also loved to pray.

From 1936 to 1963, she taught boys and girls at the primary level.
Then followed a variety of commitments: in the pharmacy, as a receptionist, sacristan, and all types of assistance.

It was 1995 when she the Motherhouse, where she was a member of the Sacred Heart Group for 7 years. She was admitted into the infirmary at Maison Jésus-Marie in 2005, first to 2 East, and then in 2011, to the ground floor.

A connoisseur of the good things in life, Sister Augustine divides her time between her room, the chapel, reading the newspaper, meals and taking care of her own things.

Sister Augustine is a woman of goodwill, “prayerful” and greatly appreciated by those around her.

With her, we are grateful for these many years, lived out in service to her Beloved.

Maryse Moisan,
responsable for the Ground floor

 Photos of the Event

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