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The Ste-Martine Convent has become "Résidences Laberge"

From left to right: Gilles Bigras, press attaché for deputy Stéphane Billette, Léo Myre, former mayor of the Municipality of Sainte-Martine, Claudette Laberge, mother of Patrick Lapointe, François Candau, present mayor of Sainte-Martine, and Patrick Lapointe, president of the Desautels Immobilier Company.

The Sainte-Martine convent has undergone changes since the departure of the SNJM’s. The exterior walls have been kept so as to remain faithful to the municipality’s cultural heritage.
The work began in April and already (by September) 11 of the 21 units have been rented at prices ranging from  650$ to 850$ a month.

View of the neighbouring belfry
The Blessed Virgin is still there.

The building has been renamed “Résidences Laberge” in honour of Claudette Laberge, the mother of Patrick Lapointe, president of Désautels Immobilier, the investor for the renovation work. 
Mrs. Laberge has always been a citizen of Sainte-Martine and now lives in the former convent which is intended for retired and semi-retired people. A common room will be added so that the building can be fully complete.

 (Information taken from Le Soleil newspaper, September 24, 2012)

Someone who recently visited the Résidence noted that a new resident, originally from Chateauguay, expressed his joy at living in tranquility and in the beauty of nature. Quite a change for him...

The visitor herself recognized the elevator and the staircase!

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