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Launching a Promising Year!

The Organizing Committee

On September 30th, in an atmosphere of great joy, “Chemins de Vie” launched its year of activities and celebrations to mark its 10th anniversary.  A 10th anniversary is something to be celebrated with pride!

About one hundred people, participants, friends, donors, collaborators and team members gathered with the honorary president, Mario Paquet, a well-known host on Radio-Canada, to kick off the activities for the year. The gathering was an occasion for joyful reunions and expressions of gratitude for the progress made during the 10 years.

Mario Paquet said he was honored to join in the celebrations. For him, Chemins de Vie has a very important mission, as a sign of hope in our world which is thirsting for spirituality.

Mario, Yvonne and the musicians
Clément and the Participants

During the gathering, a theatrical story by Yvonne Demers about the quest for spirituality was presented: “My shoes have journeyed many miles.”  The action takes place in a shoemaker’s shop. As he is working, he speaks about Life as a journey during which many people wear his shoes. Each person has a unique journey, both literally and figuratively. 

Two participants gave a testimony to the importance of “Chemins de Vie” along their route.
Ferid, of Algerian origin, has met people who spoke the language of listening, tolerance, love, dialogue, solidarity, the language of Charles de Foucault.
For her part, Lorraine has found in Chemins de Vie a welcoming and respectful Church, capable of listening to her struggles and of understanding her suffering. With time, her heart has begun to heal. 
Lastly, Clément Farly, one of the founding members of “Chemins de Vie” expressed what a great privilege it had been for him to share in the spiritual adventure of those with whom he has journeyed throughout the last decade.

During the gathering, the people signed up for a number of activities offered by “Chemins de Vie”. In addition to the testimonial meetings scheduled one Sunday per month, other events highlighting the 10th    anniversary will take place, in particular February 24th, the date of the founding of “Chemins de Vie” and April 28th, when a benefit luncheon will close the year.

Chemins de Vie,

A place for welcoming and listening to everyone in search of spirituality.

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