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Holiday memories...

Val Notre Dame Abbey

Summer lends itself well to outdoor leisure, to the contemplation of beautiful landscapes, to the pleasure of forging new friendships, but also to planning short and long trips for the simple pleasure of being together. 

Our local superior at Pavillon Saint-André, Sister Marthe Carmel, assisted by her team, created opportunities to brighten up certain days in our community life. And so, with the cooperation of some drivers, she drew up a list of interesting places that would be possible for us to visit: Notre-Dame-du-Val Abbey in St. Jean-de-Matha, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Les Halles d’Anjou, The Chapel of Reparation and several other Quebec locations.

The Sisters wishing to take one or two of these trips had only to register their names. On the given day, they left, without forgetting the little white envelope which Sister Marthe handed to each one: the lunch was courtesy of the house and a little extra money "just in case"...
Each trip planned during July was a success and brought great happiness to each of the participants.

St. Joseph’s Oratory
Les Halles Anjou

Also of note, another joyful occasion of our life together: on the Sundays in July when, at 2:00 p.m. sharp, we were invited to gather in the cafeteria for delicious ice cream presented, not in the tiny industrial containers, but real cream in a variety of flavors, served in large containers: a rare delight!

We used this occasion to chat with some companions with whom we don’t often meet. The most talkative among them loved to tell their comical stories, leading others to be more at ease in expressing themselves. We deeply appreciated these friendly exchanges and these occasions to have fun, to get to know each other better and to love each other even more.

Charlotte Leduc, s.n.j.m.

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