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Maison des enfants Marie-Rose – becoming a community project

The Maison des enfants Marie-Rose had its beginnings as an artistic and cultural project for the children of Beauharnois. Founded 5 years ago, the Maison has become a community project.

Each day, the community dimension of the Maison des enfants deepens. It has been a tremendous achievement for the children and families of the town. New links emerged in 2011-2012, bringing the final count to twenty partnerships, always with the goal to better serve the children. 

The lack of space fostered the dream of rebuilding the Manoir Ellice so as to accept all the children who want to enrol in the many activities offered by the Maison. The mayor recently gave his consent to give the Manoir to "Maison des enfants" on the condition that they find the  necessary funds. Much energy is presently being dedicated to this.

Something else to be proud of: This year the Maison was recognized as a socio-economic enterprise. This new status allows for an increase in links to organizations and institutions interested in being part of the development of our project.

The "Maison des enfants" can now count on an impressive team of 38 people who are working for the betterment of the children of Beauharnois. This team covers, among other things, areas as varied as music, cinema, culinary art, theatre, painting, sculpture, dance, knitting, embroidery, help with homework, etc.

For more information on the "Maison des enfants" (in French only)

M.Gabriel Thibaudeau, spokesperson for the renovation of Manoir Ellice, is convinced of the necessity of this project for the milieu: "This new location will concretely contribute to the revitalization of the city, my city. The children, adults and all citizens will be able to benefit from the cultural services in these future site."


Read M. Thibaudeau’s complete text  attached here as a PDF document

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