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Our SNJM Charism

« It is each founder’s or foundress’ distinctive charism that is at the source of the specific identity of the different religious families » Rick van Lier o.p.
The members of the SNJM Congregation, the Associates, the consecrated lay persons share in Eulalie Durocher’s vision, intuitions and charism; and the Congregation is recognized by the Church for its unique gift to society.

Three characteristic features constitute the SNJM charism:

  • A spirituality focused on the Names of Jesus and Mary
  • A mission of education in two parts: education in the faith and a special concern for the poor and the disadvantaged
  • A lifestyle suited to each specific commitment.

“I have come to cast fire on the earth
and how I wish it were already kindled”.


Our spirituality is rooted
in the Names of Jesus and Mary.

United and missioned
in the Names of Jesus, our Savior,
and of Mary, his Mother,
we enter into the mystery of their lives
through prayer and contemplation.

 In Jesus and Mary
we find our strength and our glory.


In the names of Jesus and Mary,
wherever we live and work,
we desire to be an educational presence
which influences our milieu
according to the Gospel values of:
and peace.

Witnesses to the Gospel,
And true to our charism
As instruments of transformation,
we, Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary,
are called to consciously live our interdependence
in new and dynamic ways.

In the face of continuing acts of violence

against the earth and among people,

we seek to intensify our efforts:

  • to care for our environment,
  • to eradicate trafficking in women and children
  • to build faith communities
  • to maintain a prophetic voice in the Church. 

As women of contemplation in action, we encourage and mentor those who wish to share our ministry and charism.

These are the ways the 32nd General Chapter in 2006
chose to respond to certain needs
of our world and our Congregation.


According to the type of SNJM commitment,
the lifestyle is different
but always inspired by the SNJM’s spirituality and mission.

The members who take the three vow
of chastity, poverty and obedience
commit themselves  to living community life
in interdependence.

The other SNJM commitments
are lived in diverse milieus
and suited to the chosen way of life:
celibacy for the lay consecrated persons,
a state of life proper for each Associate:
celibacy, marital life, priesthood.

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