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Francophone Associates’ Renewal of Commitment May 25, 2012

On May 25, 2012, the Sisters at Résidence Marie-Rose Durocher warmly welcomed 16 Associates from the “Rose-Eulalie” and “Longueuil” groups.

The Associates, accompanied by Sisters Germaine Baril and Thérèse Laplante, renewed their commitments in the community chapel. 

Sister Huguette Désourdy lent the support of her voice to the great delight of all those who were gathered.

Following the ceremony, refreshments, which included a beautifully decorated cake were served.  Then, Sister Huguette sang a few songs, while accompanying herself on the piano.    

The roses placed in the chapel by each one, will be a reminder to pray for everyone’s intentions.

  Photos of the event

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