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For the 46th World Communications Day, May 20, 2012

World Communications Day is the time of the year where we can support in a special way the Church’s communication and contribute in this way to make its evangelical message more visible in the midst of our world. The Church needs us to make its communication effective.  
The theme of Pope Benedict XVI’s message is: “Silence and Word, Path of Evangelization”. Silence, in fact, is the central theme for the next World Communications Day Message…In the thought of Pope Benedict XVI, silence is an integral element of communication. 
Silence, precisely because it favors habits of discernment and reflection, can in fact be seen primarily as a means of welcoming the word. We ought not to think in terms of a dualism, but of the complementary nature of two elements which when they are held in balance serve to enrich the value of communication and which make it a key factor that can serve the new evangelization.

It is clearly the desire of the Holy Father to associate the theme of the next World Communications Day with the celebration of the forthcoming Synod of Bishops which will have as its own theme: The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith.

Lord, we pray for professionals in the media, concerned with bringing coherence and meaning to events for a better understanding of the world.

Lord, we pray for all those who play a part in information and communication. May they be professionals who are attentive to the most delicate situations.

Lord, protect and support journalists and communicators that they may create bridges and be respectful of every human being. 
Lord, we pray for your priests: that they may find their rightful place in this new virtual world of evangelization.

Lord, we pray for all our communities. May the Spirit of communion help each of us to be bearers of good news and fraternal harmony. 

Lord, strengthen the spirit of communion and communication within our parishes and our communities to make us witnesses and joyful messengers. 

To communicate is to live
and to provide life!

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