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Volunteer Appreciation Week

Who Blesses Whom?

-- Who am “I”?  I am among the thousands of volunteers who head out daily in the service of God and others.  I am so blessed!!  Here are some of our stories.

-- "It is Sunday, the beginning of Volunteer Appreciation Week.  I am going to Church to direct the Children’s Choir at the 9:30 a.m. Mass.  In go the guitar and amplifier, the accompaniment books, the song sheets, the cookies for the children after Mass and, last of all, in I go. Thank you, God!"

--"Fabulous! I found a free parking spot near St. Mary’s Hospital.  Martha, 82 years old, was taken there this week with pneumonia. As a resident of Father Dowd’s Home, Martha normally spends her days visiting other residents; she always has a ready smile and friendly word.  Today, she needs a visit.  I greet her “Hi, Beautiful Lady!!!”  We hug, share stories, laughter and time."
-- "The five of us take our places at the front of the Church.  It is Mary’s funeral.  At almost 105 years old, Mary is celebrated by most of her family and friends in spirit only.  However, everyone gathered here today shares something special: knowledge of and love for this amazing deaf, blind and very holy person. I am altar server, care giver, singer, reader, cross bearer.  In Paradisum!"

-- "Did I pack the handouts? Do I have my book, matches, the candle, my bus pass? Three buses later, I sit calmly in the presbytery of St. Ignatius Parish, as 10 to15 people gather.  We share on chapter 3 of Scripture as Spirituality.  Even though I lead the group, they in fact lead me.  Each encounter brings enlightenment and laughter, as we share discoveries, comments and questions.  The last thing heard as we walk away, still caught up in the experience and companionship shared, is 'Can I give you a lift?' "

-- “Hurry or we’ll be late.” We arrive at the animal shelter. The three of us head over to the cages of the older dogs.  “Hi, Lou Lou, Prancer, April.  Want to go for a walk?”  The tails are wagging, bodies in motion, tongues hanging out as their hearts beat faster.  Let’s go...  As we walk, magically, the dogs all turn into puppies. What a wonderful day!" 
Beverly Redmond, SNJM Associate, Richelieu Rose Group

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