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“In Her Footsteps” Associate Group

On Saturday March 4, 2012, the “In Her Footsteps” Associates group gathered at St Joseph Residence with Sister Lorna Cooney and Beverly Redmond, Associate, to pray and reflect on the   Acts of the 33rd General Chapter.

Our eyes were immediately captured by the colourful image of the quetzal bird on the cover of the booklet.  One of our Associates shared that since this lovely quetzal bird of many colors cannot live in captivity, it became a symbol of freedom and liberty; a sacred bird to the ancient Mayan and Aztec peoples.  Royalty and priests wore its feathers during ceremonies.  If anyone else dared to wear its feathers or kill a quetzal bird, that person would be put to death.

The new writing style of storytelling and the use of the symbols of fire and water were also greatly appreciated.  
As we traced the Chapter Acts from their beginning to the present day, it was interesting to see how our SNJM Congregation has adapted to the needs of the day – from inside the convent walls to the outside needs of the world.  Nowadays, we are called to different kinds of justice which leads us to the streets of the outside world of prostitution, trafficking and the whole realm of social justice.  We now have a much bigger vision of the world, far beyond the convent of yesteryear.

Another meaningful moment of our gathering was being made aware of how gifted and blessed we are with an abundance of water.  A little bottle of water, taken from the Richelieu River, was given to each one of us. 
We were then invited to choose a partner, sit face to face and pronounce these words:  “May this water be a constant and beautiful reminder of your call to live our SNJM charism.” It renewed within us how close we are with our foundress and beloved Mother Marie- Rose. 

At the coffee break we enjoyed the goodies shared by the members who so generously spoiled us with their culinary talents.

It was a spirit-filled day where we prayed, sang, rejoiced, shared and resolved to do our part, “one drop at a time”, for a better world where justice will reign. 

Our meeting ended with immense gratitude.  One Associate stated that she felt she had come and lived a spiritual retreat and was now leaving very enthusiastic and invigorated.

 Yolande Zielinski and Rosetta Staltari, Associates

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