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Tribute to Marie-Claire Miron

On March 18th during a brunch, "la cellule Albatros Granby" highlighted 20 years of faithful commitment of four of their members. Sister Marie-Claire Miron S.N.J.M. was one of the honorees
She was part of the first formation session, given in the fall of 1992.  The group consisted of 18 people. The group’s existence was made official in April, 1993.
As a token of gratitude, a gold pin was given to each of these four faithful courageous women of great generosity. A card in which was written the following text by Jean Vanier was presented with the gift:

Accompaniment is an extended hand
which speaks of warmth, compassion,
a hand which says:
“I carry you (like a wounded bird);
I will not crush you,
I am happy to carry you so that you can fly away.”

"It was Pierrette (Turenne-Trudeau) who sowed the seed”, said Marie-Claire, in giving thanks for the honor which was bestowed upon her, before offering her congratulations to the energetic Granby group.

Commitment, in keeping with the philosophy of the "Mouvement Albatros", is still vital for Marie-Claire. She continues to be sensitive to the loneliness of people in the last stages of life, especially the Sisters at the Maison Jésus-Marie, in Longueuil.

Marie-Claire !!!

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