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"World Day of the Sick" at Jésus-Marie, February 12, 2012

 On this special day, the Sisters at Maison Jésus-Marie received a visit from Sister Catherine Ferguson, Superior General.

After having shared in a simple meal, she attended Mass, celebrated by M. l’abbé Gilles Ménard.

At the end of Mass, attentively followed by all those who were present, Sister Catherine addressed them: "You are precious to the community; you are a support to those who are active. We, who have the responsibility of leading the community, are in need of your prayers and sacrifices offered in union with the suffering Church."

The complete text can be found below as a PDF file.

As did Mary, the Sisters will treasure this message which was full of meaning for them in their hearts!

Maryse Moissan s.n.j.m.

Photos of the event

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