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Trafficking of Women

On November 8th, CATHII, an action-oriented committee that works for the elimination of human trafficking of women, organized a second meeting in consultation with organizations anxious to come to the aid of people who were trafficked. Twenty organizations responded to the invitatin.

During this meeting, there was a sharing of news and activities linked to trafficking. The discussions served to emphasize the objectives of the consultation and to identify the organizations invited to join in the consultation.

The dialogue also served to specify the expectations. Four points met with the approval of the participants.

  1. The need to be more aware of each other’s role so as to direct the victims to the pertinent resources.
  2. The necessity of sharing tools as well as resource people, especially with regards to experts who are qualified to receive victims of trafficking.
  3. Reflecting on ways of accompanying the intervening party.
  4. Develop a campaign for awareness and intervention.

Time did not allow for the deepening of all of these viewpoints. However, they form the basics of an action plan.  At any rate, another meeting is to be held in the spring of 2012.

Did you know that within the framework of the week of violence against women, all of the employees from the offices of Service Canada had a training session regarding the trafficking of women?

It was within this context that on Thursday, December 8, Mme Louise Dionne, the coordinator of CATHII, made a presentation on the trafficking of women at the offices of Service Canada in Montreal North. The   60 people present were most grateful.

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