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Inauguration of the Atrium at Collège Durocher

Since November 7, 2011, the students of Pavillon Durocher at Collège Durocher-Saint-Lambert have gathered in the large atrium at lunch time. About 1300 students can assemble there for a meal or for a gathering.

This large room is located between what, in earlier times, was the chapel and the green room. On December 1st, former and present-day personnel, parents, partners and friends of the college were invited to come and celebrate this achievement.

It all unfolded with cordiality, music and singing to which was added pertinent information and the introduction of the people who were involved.  

It was also the occasion for the "Fondation Eulalie-Durocher" to reveal the impressive project on which they had been working for four years.

So as to meet the foremost needs of the students of CDSL, they launched a major financial campaign to deal with, as quickly as possible, three main challenges: 
1. Scholarships to help deserving students
2. A more modern library
3. A sports center to meet the needs of the students of the 2nd cycle 
Thanks to the generosity of our Congregation, the teachers, the parents, the students and friends, the foundation has already raised more than a million dollars.

Amid thunderous applause, it was announced that the Centre sportif would have as its sponsor and source of inspiration, M. Jean Béliveau and that it would be named: Centre sportif SNJM.

Yolande Laberge, snjm

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