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Medal of Merit from the Diocese of Joliette

On Sunday, November 6, 2011, there was a celebration in the cathedral of Joliette:
• Patronal Feast of the parish of the Saint Charles Borromée Cathedral
• Tribute from the Church of Joliette to the winners of the Diocesan Medal of Merit
• Tribute to the community of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

The Eucharistic celebration which was presided by Bishop Gilles Lussier took on an atmosphere of gratitude. The celebrant reminded people that the liturgy invites us to become aware of the Lord’s return at every moment of our lives.

The homily touched upon the very centre of our lives, and we welcomed these questions.

- As Jesus’ disciples are we ready to bring light when darkness overwhelms us: during illness, mourning, trials?
- Do we have the inner strength to face conflicts? On what type of soil do we build our house? How do we listen to the Word? 
- In our daily lives, what importance do we accord to prayer, silence, meditation, liturgy, interpersonal relationships?
- As a faith community, we are invited to focus on what is essential to our reason for being. Only these realities can keep us on the right path.  "When they saw them, the people gave glory to our Father."  The One who comes into the midst of our Galilees of today, gave his life for us.


Medal is presented to Lorraine Mongeon s.n.j.m.
Sisters in attendance

After the homily, gratitude was expressed to the five winners: the Associés de Marie, Mère des pauvres, for their humanitarian work, to Monsieur Paul Sansregret for his commitment to the Christian community, to the couples Maryse Marsolais/Yvan Lépine and Lucie Gagnon/Michel Lachapelle for their commitment as laity in the diocesan Church and to our community for its apostolic commitment and educative presence in five parishes of the diocese: Saint-Lin-Laurentides, Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, Saint-Barthélemy, L’Épiphanie and Saint-Jean-de-Matha.

Bishop Lussier underlined the hope and trust of the sower which has always animated our community. Mother Marie-Rose’s dream "I have come to cast fire to the earth...» continues through those who have embraced the work of education carried out by the SNJM’s.

Bishop Lussier presented Sister Lorraine Mongeon, representative of the community, with the Diocesan Medal of Merit in recognition of our contribution to the ecclesial mission as women of faith dedicated to education in the faith, to beauty through art and to their presence to the poor of the area. She also received a souvenir-button as a sign of gratitude for the work of education and of witnessing to the gospel in the diocese of Joliette.

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