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200th Anniversary of the Birth of Marie-Rose Durocher – Mass in Longueuil

October 8th marked the largest public gathering for the bicentennial celebrations. Mother Marie-Rose’s “new home”, the co-cathedral, was flooded with light while songs and music echoed the joy of   those who came in great numbers. A quartet of students from Collège Durocher in Saint-Lambert provided the celebration with an air of youthfulness.

Bishop Lionel Gendron, along with several concelebrants, conveyed a message of hope to us. “Mother Marie-Rose faced many obstacles, he told us, but she kept her faith in Jesus Christ alive...She invites us, through her example, to be men and women of hope.”

Sister Lorraine St-Hilaire recalled, through concrete examples how the SNJM’s are committed in today’s world. After the Eucharistic celebration everyone was invited to a beautiful reception prepared by a group of Associates. An atmosphere of friendship and gratitude ...

Simone Perras, SNJM

hommage to Mother Marie-Rose

Excerpted from the “Courrier du sud”, October 12th:

…The ceremony was marked by reverence and gratitude to the one who had dedicated her life to serving God and those who were oppressed. Several invited guests, from different milieus where the Congregation is active, especially Canada and the United States, came to pay homage to Blessed Marie-Rose… and to her work in education and particularly with young girls.…

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200th Anniversary of the Birth of Marie-Rose Durocher – Mass in Longueuil
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